These Are the Three Most Common Mistakes Brides Make Ahead of Their First Wedding Dress Shopping Appointments

Trying on your very first wedding dress is a bridal rite of passage, which means it's something most brides are eager to do. But don't let that enthusiasm stop you from doing a little groundwork before you go. Here, the three most common mistakes brides make ahead of their very first appointments—avoid these pitfalls so you can have a successful shopping experience from the start.

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Bryan Gardner

Not Establishing a Budget

Whatever you do, don't walk into a single boutique before discussing your budget with your partner (and potentially your parents, if they're contributing) and determining how much you can reasonably afford to spend on a wedding dress. You'll be doing yourself—and your stylist—a favor by going in with a number in mind. Having a budget ensures that your stylist will only show you dresses that you can afford, which means you'll never fall in love with something that's beyond your price range.

Assuming a Salon Allows Walk-In Appointments

Most bridal salons require an appointment in order to be able to try on wedding dresses, so don't assume you can just drop by the salon anytime you want. Make sure to call ahead and see if there's any availability on their calendar before visiting. It'd be a major letdown to arrive with your friends and family to find that you aren't actually able to look at wedding dresses.

Not Making Sure the Salon Has What You Want or Need Before Visiting

This is especially important if you're a petite or curvy bride, or if you have a specific dress in mind that you know you'd like to try on. Before booking an appointment, call each salon ahead of time to inquire about specific sizing you might need or whether or not they carry certain designers you're hoping to consider.