When the Ice Bucket Challenge Becomes a Pasta Challenge

Those who partake in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge may be well-meaning, but after watching the hundredth-odd shiver-inducing video you’re probably pretty bored.

Seems the folks at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” were, too, because on Tuesday night the show decided to swap out ice water for a bucket’s worth of pasta, meatballs, breadsticks, and soda… and dump the mess on some poor guy’s head. For charity!

OK, OK, it was just a skitand a good one. It was a spoof of Olive Garden’s new $99 never-ending pasta pass, which affords its lucky, carb-loving holders unlimited pasta, bread, and soda from September 22 through November 9th. “Olive Garden offered only 1,000 of these passes, which sold out in 45 minutes,” Kimmel quipped. “When she heard the news, Michelle Obama stood silently in the rose garden and shed a single tear.”

Ba dum, dum.

Even though the”Jimmy Kimmel Live” bit is all in fun, we can’t help but think: LOOK AT ALL THAT WASTED PASTA. (Plenty of drought-stricken Californians think the same about the ice bucket challenge.) Let’s make like the First Lady, and shed a single tear for all that spoiled spaghetti.