Those Classic Ceramic Christmas Trees Are Now Available as a Stand to Display Holiday Treats

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Photo credit: Mr. Christmas
Photo credit: Mr. Christmas

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You know those small ceramic Christmas trees that were designed to be placed on a table or desk? Chance are that you’ve seen the classic green hue that lights up, and maybe even the gold, silver, and other colors that have trended. They’ve been so popular that there are even Halloween and Easter versions to bring the fun into other holidays. But let’s go back to Christmas, because there’s another way to incorporate the décor into your home.

Mr. Christmas makes a tiered cupcake stand that looks like one of those ceramic trees. It stands at 18.5 inches tall and comes in three main sections. Between those layers are two plates to place cupcakes, cookies, or other baked goods you whipped up for the holiday season. Not only will it make the prettiest display, but it’s also practical to have in your kitchen.

The tiered platter is green and features multicolored bulbs circling around each section, as well as a yellow star at the top. While the piece does not light up, it will still make a festive statement. Remember that the stand is delicate, so the brand suggests wiping it down with a damp cloth.

You can order the Mr. Christmas green tree stand on Amazon for around $75. If you like your holiday décor to be a bit quirky, you might want to check out the pink version, which is available on QVC. Just when we thought we would just use the pieces we bought for decorating last year, we find yet another thing that we have to have.

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