Thomas Rhett Shared the Sweet Musical Inspiration Behind His Youngest Daughter's Name

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  • In a new interview with his record label, Thomas Rhett revealed the musical inspiration for his daughter Lennon Love's name.

  • The country star said his wife, Lauren Akins, encouraged him to choose the name for baby number three.

What's in a name? When it comes to Thomas Rhett's 5-month-old daughter, the answer is a whole lot of love!

In a new interview with his record label, Big Machine Record Group, the country star shared the sweet meaning behind daughter Lennon Love's name, which he personally picked after wife Lauren Akins gave him full naming rights for their third child.

"Lennon came from John Lennon, from The Beatles," Thomas Rhett revealed. "I knew I wanted some sort of musical name for our third child, and me and Lauren both loved the name Lennon."

Thomas Rhett said the couple had originally chosen to pair Lennon with the middle name Louise, but they had a change of heart at the last minute when their daughter was born on February 10th, just four days before Valentine's Day.

"In the hospital one of [Lauren's] friends texted her," he recalled. "She was like, 'Hey, since it's Valentine’s Day, maybe you should name her Lennon Love.' And it kind of started as a joke but kinda became cemented. That’s what we kind of decided in the hospital."

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I promise everything is fine

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We love it! And we love the special bond that Thomas Rhett clearly has with Lennon Love and his two older daughters, Willa Gray, 4, and Ada James, 2.

The proud father of three recently revealed that he’s grateful for the coronavirus quarantine because it’s allowed him to spend more quality time with his wife and daughters.

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This is pretty much everything

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Me and AJ kickin it

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“When you have kids during this time you definitely have to figure out new ways to allow them to have fun while also kind of exercising their brain," Thomas Rhett told his record label in another recent interview. “We’ve just been finding new ways to get outside. We’ll go swing in the hammock, we’ll go walk in the woods, we’ll play in the pool, we’ll go to Chick-fil-A’s drive-thru. I mean honestly, walking to the mailbox has kind of been the highlight of our days, most days.”

"To me, it’s been kind of a blessing in disguise to be able to hang out with them and get to learn them a little bit better," he added.

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