This Might Be the Most Offensive T-shirt Ever Made

The most offensive shirt ever made has officially been found (and we didn’t think it could get much worse than “Female Body Inspector,” but boy were we wrong). The T-shirt in question features the letters LGBT, which actually stand for lesbian, gay, bi, and trans, repurposed with images of different words that start with those letters.

The T-shirt, which was found and brought to our attention on Twitter, features an image of the Statue of Liberty over the L (for liberty), a gun over the G, a beer mug over the B, and breasts over the T (for tits). A company called Tactically Offensive created the offensive design. Its slogan is “THE MOST PATRIOTIC WAY TO SAY F*** YOU: With Every Purchase, a Social Justice Warrior Cries.” Nice.

“Our American-Made Products Proudly Attack Safe Spaces, Trigger Social Justice Warriors, Defend Manliness From Skinny Jeans, and Are Guaranteed to Piss Off EVERYONE You Meet,” the motto continues. Well, they’re right about that. We’re officially pissed off. And we’re not the only ones; Twitter is pretty outraged too.

The clothing company is run by a right-wing blogger, Joe Biggs of Infowars. Biggs responded to the tweets, defending his design.

We don’t buy it, but there are a few people on his side.

That isn’t even the worst shirt this company makes. There’s the “Pew Lives Matter” shirt (as in the sound a gun makes), which has the words emblazoned on an image of an automatic rifle. And the simple yet sadistic “F*** Hillary” tee.

The shirts sell for less than $30. But in our opinion, they’re worthless.

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