This Is How Big Home Brewing Is Right Now


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So you’ve probably heard about the homebrewing craze. Maybe you know a lot of folks making their own beers, or you’ve seen weird DIY labels on bottles at parties. But it can be hard to quantify this sort of trend. Until now.

Over on Kickstarter, a fascinating thing just happened: The gent who designed the sleek, design-y homebrewing kit pictured here made a cool $4,500 an hour, hitting his funding goal of $45K within 10 hours.

Ten hours!


As you take a moment to ponder what sort of yacht you might buy if you were banking $4,500 an hour, let us break this project down for you. Michael Langone of Somerville, Massachusetts decided to style up the homebrewing process, which he found too space-consuming and messy. He relied upon his architectural background and brewing chops to fulfill his “mission [to] help people craft better beer.”

He’s building kits with everything you need to brew at home, soup to nuts: glassware, recipes, instructions, and ingredients.


And people are going crazy for the idea.

Langone emailed us, “things moved much more quickly than we ever could have hoped. We officially launched the project at 8 a.m. yesterday, and were fully funded by 6 p.m.”

That’s a lot of plaid-shirted beer lovers putting money where their steins are.

The finished product will be available in July, says Langone, and will retail for $159-$239, which may not be a bad deal in the eyes of some given how beautiful the components are. (Let’s just hope the things work!)

We asked Langone to take a wild guess about how much cash he thinks he is gonna raise for this bubbly little project. Although he qualified with, “it’s a very tough call to make!” he emailed, “I’m hoping to break the $100,000 mark in the next few days… and afterwards, well, the sky’s the limit!”

So if you brew at home and want to look more stylish while you do so, here’s the link.

(Note: both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are comin’ right up.)