'This is criminal': Woman spots Aritzia shirt being resold at Salvation Army for more than it originally sold for

A woman on TikTok says she stopped into her local Salvation Army recently to do some thrifting when she stumbled across something on the rack that suddenly enraged her.

“The Salvation Army has lost their f****** minds,” says TikToker @whoaanellyy in her now-viral video.

Then, after turning the lens around, she zooms in on a shirt hanging on the wall and explains that it’s from Aritzia, a women’s fashion brand based in Canada that’s all about “everyday luxury,” according to its website.

Without saying another word, @whoaanellyy reaches inside the shirt to see what The Salvation Army is reselling the item for, and that’s when she spots the tag: $60 — for a shirt that was donated for free.

People immediately went off in the comments.

“That’s more than they sell it for,” one person claimed.

“the $59.99 tag that says THRIFT STORE is so ironic,” another person chimed in.

“The salvation army’s mind has been lost for quite some time now,” someone else declared.

But apparently, this wasn’t an isolated incident. In fact, plenty of others had stories of their own to share.

“yesterday I saw an empty burlap basmati rice sack for $8,” one person wrote. “The 20lbs of rice that comes in that very bag costs $18. outrageous.”

“Mine is selling no name basic long sleeve shirts for $9-15,” someone else claimed. “I can literally go get a new one at Target that same price.”

“I saw the mushroom pyrex for 50$ each at mine,” yet another person shared.

“They realize that they got this stuff for free right..?” @whoaanellyy replied. “Like it’s supposed to be affordable for people who need it.”

Apparently, the rising costs at donation-based thrift stores like The Salvation Army and even Goodwill have been coming under fire a lot lately. According to Business Insider, shoppers say a lot of secondhand stores are getting more expensive now that Gen Z has made thrifting “cool” again.

It is, after all, becoming more and more common for shoppers to share their thrift hauls on TikTok these days.

Sometimes, the videos are shared by people trying to practice sustainable living by bringing only existing items into their homes instead of new ones. Not only does it eliminate more environmental waste, but it’s also (usually) more affordable.

Other TikTokers are in it for the fashion, especially now that the ’90s and early ’00s have brought back vintage style trends that we once considered long over.

And in other cases, some lucky TikTokers like to share how they stumbled upon an item that was worth a lot more than the original owner must have realized.

However, now that thrift store costs are reportedly rising, customers are getting wise to it.

“I’ve seen this recently!” wrote one user. “It’s rediculous.”

“All of the thrift stores are like this lately,” said another.

“Goodwill is insane too,” someone else added.

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