Who’s Thirsty? Aldi Is Stocked With Ready-To-Drink Lime and Strawberry Margaritas

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Instagram @aldi.mademedoit
Photo credit: Instagram @aldi.mademedoit

From House Beautiful

While we support drinking a margarita at any time of year (or time of day, for that matter), it just hits differently in the spring and summer. Maybe it’s the refreshing lime flavor that just makes it a citrus dream to sip outdoors. You won’t have to break out the shaker anymore, because Aldi is selling Rancho La Gloria premade margaritas that are filled with booze and flavor.

As spotted by @aldi.mademdoit, the retailer has the ready-to-drink margaritas in classic lime and strawberry flavors. They’re slightly different than the typical margarita, because it’s a wine cocktail and made with agave wine, which is similar to tequila.

Each 1.5-liter bottle has 13.9% ABV, so this isn’t one of those weak pre-made drinks. Better yet, all you have to do is pour the margarita over ice and get to sipping. Not a bad deal for a bottle that costs $12.99 at Aldi, right?

Although the lime and strawberry flavors have been seen at Aldi, Rancho La Gloria also makes a mango margarita flavor. It’s tangy and sweet, and we’re so desperately hoping that it’ll also be making an appearance on shelves.

The good news here is that if there isn’t an Aldi — or an Aldi that sells alcohol — near you, you can still get the ready-to-drink margaritas since they’re not an exclusive. You can find them at H-E-B, and even order them for delivery from Drizly and Minibar Delivery. Margaritas for everyone!

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