Thinx's cult-favourite period underwear is 20% off, but only until Sunday

Thinx shoppers can score period underwear at a discount, thanks to the brand's limited-time flash sale. (Photos via @shethinx/Instagram)
Thinx shoppers can score period underwear at a discount, thanks to the brand's limited-time flash sale. (Photos via @shethinx/Instagram)

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For people who menstruate, pads and tampons are regular grocery list items. So much so that the average menstruator is expected to use between five and 15 thousand pads and tampons over their lifetime, the majority of which will end up in landfills and waterways as waste.

And while the period-having community has made ecological strides in the forms of menstrual cups and organic, biodegradable products, those options aren't always suited to everyone. Organic sanitary products, for instance, can cost upwards of $10/box, contributing to an average of $6,360 spent during a woman's reproductive lifetime. As for menstrual cups, although many brands claim you can use the product for up to 10 years, younger or wary menstruators may not feel comfortable with the insertion and sanitation required by the cups. A more user-friendly option for eco-conscious Aunt Flo-ers are period underwear.

What is period underwear?

Period underwear works by absorbing blood in lieu of, or in addition to, a tampon. They're washable and reusable, and if you care for them correctly (i.e. avoiding bleach and the dryer), they can last for up to two years.

For menstruators eager to reduce their carbon footprints, there are a variety of retailers to check out in Canada, including Knix, Saalt, American Eagle and Thinx.

Right now, Thinx shoppers can score period underwear at a discount, thanks to the brand's limited-time flash sale. Between now and March 13, Thinx is offering customers 20 per cent off sitewide, including on its best-selling thong, super high-waist, and sleep short styles. To give your monthly cycle an eco-friendly upgrade and shop the sale, click here or scroll below.


plus size black model in blue crop top and light purple underwear
Hiphugger in Dusk (Photo via Thinx)

The brand's best-selling Hiphugger's feature a full-coverage fit and a comfortable lace waistband. Designed to absorb the equivalent of three tampons, the Hiphugger's have earned an impressive average rating of 4.8 stars.

"I was not sure if this underwear would really work, but after the first use, I was pleasantly surprised," writes one shopper. "I kept checking each hour, thinking I would mess my clothes, but nothing went through my clothes. My only regret is that I did not buy enough."

$37 $47 at Thinx

Super Hi-Waist

black model in black crop top and light purple Super Hi-Waist in Dusk (Photo via Thinx)
Super Hi-Waist in Dusk (Photo via Thinx)

Designed for heavy absorbency, the high-waist underwear are perfect for those first couple of days where you want to be held in and not worry about potential leakage.

"A pair of high-waisted [underwear] that don't roll from the top or give me a wedgie? Yes, please, and thank you!" writes a reviewer. "These are so comfortable and don't show over the top of my high-waisted jeans! I mention this because I have a short torso, and this tends to be a problem for me. Not in these babies, though!"

$37 $47 at Thinx

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plus size white model in beige underwear Sport in Beige (Photo via Thinx)
Sport in Beige (Photo via Thinx)

Get back to doing the things you love with Thinx's Sport underwear. Designed with a flexible, workout-friendly fit, you'll feel comfortable going about your routine with these moderate absorbency underwear.

"The Sport helps me feel sexy and remain true to my active lifestyle — I can go from dance class to nightlife without having to make major changes," says one shopper.

$37 $47 at Thinx

French Cut

plus size white woman with tattoos in black underwear
French Cut in Black (Photo via Thinx)

Holding up to four tampons' worth of blood, these French Cut style feature a comfy high-cut leg and extra secure elastic for added protection.

"My legs look a miiiiile long whenever I wear these," says a shopper. "So flattering! I've never felt so sexy on my period before."

$37 $47 at Thinx


plus size black model in grey sports bra and navy blue boyshorts
Boyshort (Photo via Thinx)

Earning a staggering 4.8 out of five stars, users say, "I absolutely love the fit and feel of these! They're so comfy I want to wear them on their own! I never thought I'd like wearing boyshort underwear as I'm more of a sport or hip-hugger wearer...but these are amazing and a total game changer!"

The Thinx boyshorts offer a moderate absorbency and extra length in the leg for a full-coverage fit.

$40 $51 at Thinx

Sleep Shorts

two models in grey and black sleep shorts and sports bras
Sleep Shorts (Photo via Thinx)

These super absorbency shorts can hold up to five tampons worth of blood. "No more bulky overnight pads for me! I can just sleep and not worry about waking up to period stains," users say of the boxer-inspired pyjama shorts.

$53 $67 at Thinx

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