Thinking About Adopting a Dog? Here's Why You Should Do It ASAP

Although it's painful to think about, the harsh reality is that not every pet owner necessarily takes care of their dog properly. Despite the fact that some of us shower our pooches with love (and sometimes ridiculous presents), animal shelters exist for a reason - there are millions of unwanted dogs in the US that have to call these places home. Thankfully, the month of October has been officially dubbed Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, so if getting a pup has crossed your mind, now is the time to strike. Need more convincing? The Dodo has partnered with Sesame Street to combine real-life animal adoption stories with everyone's favorite Muppet characters in a new spin-off series, Families For Furry Friends. The three short-but-sweet episodes are a great way to get young kids excited about a new rescue pet.

If you're ready to add a new member to your family, keep scrolling to learn how you can help.

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