The Thin (But Super-Absorbent!) Editor-Favorite Bath Towel That Won’t Take Up Valuable Linen Closet Space

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When you’re ready to step up the bath towels in your home, they can be surprisingly tricky to shop for. Not only do you have to account for quality, feel, and effectiveness, but you also have to be mindful of how much storage space you have to work with. It’s no fun bringing home brand-new towels and not having anywhere to put them away. The plusher the towel, the harder it is to fit a bunch of them in the closet or cabinet.

While a plush towel doesn’t necessarily guarantee the best absorbency or fastest drying time, there are fortunately alternatives. Geometry is an editor-favorite brand for dish towels and tea towels, but really made a splash with its collection of Luxe Bath Towels. So much so that it earned a spot on our Best List for bath towels as the top quick-drying option you can buy. Here’s why it was such a hit with AT editors and Geometry shoppers alike.

Luxe Bath Towel
Luxe Bath Towel

Luxe Bath Towel

$33 at Geometry

What Is the Luxe Bath Towel?

Available in an incredible 94 styles, Geometry’s Luxe Bath Towel takes eye-catching bathroom linens to new heights. In fact, they actually save space in the cabinet! Lightweight and fast-drying, the towels sport a single-sided print on fabric made with post-consumer recycled material that’s been upgraded with GeoWeave technology. It gives the towel its high absorbency and smoother feel to keep it as soft as it can be. “I’m typically someone who loves a super plush towel, so I wasn’t sure what to expect when these arrived,” says executive lifestyle director Charli. “They’re thin, dry fast, and yet still feel soft to the touch. I’m very impressed with how absorbent they are, how fast they dry, and how well they wash.”

In addition to drying quickly and being highly absorbent, these durable towels can last longer between washes and hold up over time. “We do a lot of laundry, and these towels are clearly made to last,” says Charli. “As an added bonus, they’re much thinner, so I can stack and store lots more while saving space in our linen closet and drawers.” The space-saving design is extra beneficial if you complete your set with matching hand towels and washcloths.

What Geometry Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.8/5 stars

“When people think about what an absorbent bath towel is, they think thick and fluffy. These towels are thin and silky and incredibly absorbent. They are generously sized as well. I received two as a Christmas gift and bought two more, plus the wash cloths to match.” — Kathleen

“I have used the tea towels for a while, but recently purchased a bath towel for my husband — and then had to get one for myself. I love how quickly they absorb the water, how quickly they dry ,and they never smell after getting wet. They also fold up nice and flat and take up so little room in the linen closet. I will gradually replace all my towels — including beach towels — with these!” — Nancy M.

“I’ve now purchased four of these towels; each in a different pattern. I actually purchased for our RV due to their light weight. But once we tried them, I was completely sold. And even more surprising, my husband who loves big, heavy, plush towels absolutely LOVES these!” — Joanne B.

For a wide variety of style choices to pair with your home aesthetic, Geometry’s Luxe Bath Towel collection has you covered.

Buy: Luxe Bath Towel, $33