They Did What? Travel Selfies Gone Terribly Wrong

These days, people will do almost anything to take the perfect selfie. And while the Internet awards those who go to extreme lengths to snap the perfect photo, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Just this week, a teen in Romania was killed while attempting to take the “ultimate selfie.” 18-year-old Anna Ursu and her friend went to the local railway station and laid on top of one of the train cars. After sticking her leg in the air, Ursu was struck with 27,000 volts from the electrical field surrounding the overhead cables.

Ursu’s body was engulfed in flames. She later died at the hospital with burns over 50 percent of her body.

This story may sound like an extreme case, but it seems like we can’t go one day without reading a headline about a crazy, dangerous, or downright odd selfie taking attempt.

Here are some examples of when taking the perfect travel selfie goes horribly wrong.