Creations So Lifelike You Won't Believe They're Cakes

Courtesy of Conjurer’s Kitchen

If you prefer your artisinal baked goods to be totally terrifying than pretty, Annabel de Vetten’sConjurer’s Kitchen cakes are for you. Resembling skulls, animal carcasses, coffins, even peeling human flesh, these cakes are impeccably crafted and creepy.

De Vetten, also known for obvious reasons as Annabel Lecter, combines her fine art knowledge (she’s a trained sculptor) and her sense of the morbid (she worked as a taxidermist)to render her cakes in horrifying realism. Conjurer’s Kitchen cakes are made on commission. Usually, de Vetten’s clients give her a general idea or direction, and from there she has creative freedom. Her cakes start at £100 (about $160) and get more expensive as the cakes get increasingly intricate. Seems like a pretty steep price, but as De Vetten says, “You will definitely get what you pay for. After all, cake is more than just a dessert. It’s a feature at an event — something people will remember.”

De Vetten totally gets the sickly appeal of her work. As she told Vice, “It really messes with people’s heads. I’ve watched people eat fingers and they have this look in their faces—Oh, I should hate this but I love it. They just feel really naughty.” From wedding cakes that wouldn’t look out of place in a Tim Burton movie to smaller works of ghastly patisserie, de Vetten is constantly churning out new horrors. There are limits to what she’ll portray, though: while de Vetten will go as gory as possible, she won’t make children’s cakes, she won’t portray genitalia and she absolutely won’t make cupcakes. That’s right, no peeling human flesh cupcakes for you.

Check out some of her designs:

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