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These bloomin' $3 floral tumblers are flying off Target's shelves — pick them up online before they're gone

Spring has sprung and Target got the memo. Give your hydration habit a refresh with these cute and affordable cups.

Unless you've been living under a rock (if so, share your secret!), you're probably aware of the widespread popularity of the Stanley tumbler. They're constantly sold out. Some people collect them, while others resell them for over triple the original price. Hydration is having a moment and those trendy, colorful, stainless steel tumblers are right in the center of it.

While some people give a major eye roll to all the Stanley hype, anything that motivates us to drink more H2O is a good thing. If fancy cups help people drink more water, then that's reason to celebrate. If you want to get in on the cup craze but are not at all interested in spending $45 on a Stanley, take a look at this adorable floral tumbler that's currently a spring 2024 best-seller at Target. Bonus: It's only $3!

Save the coffee for your favorite mug! This spring-themed cup from Target is only designed to hold cold drinks.

$3 at Target

I first came across this pretty floral cup while browsing potential Easter basket inclusions for my nieces at my local Target store on Saturday. My cart was already quite full, so I decided to keep moving, but even after I left the store I kept thinking about them. So, I went back on Monday and they were all gone. I couldn't believe it. I mean, I could because the cups are super cute in person, but I was totally bummed to have missed them.

Like any savvy shopper, when I got back home I went straight to to see if I could purchase the tumbler there. As luck would have it, I found the tumbler in the "best-selling Easter kitchen and dining section" and it was still in stock to ship.

12oz Floral Tumbler with Straw
12oz Floral Tumbler with Straw

Now if you're wondering how these Target tumblers stack up to the Stanley, there's really no contest. This isn't a stainless steel number, and it doesn't have any sort of insulation. If you want a cup that will keep your cold drinks cold and will withstand hot beverages as well, the $45 Stanley is for you. But, if you just want something pretty to have at your desk to remind yourself to drink water throughout the day and you're fine topping it off with ice or fresh cold water as needed, then grab this $3 Target steal. It's made from BPA-free plastic, it's dishwasher-safe on the top rack and the twist-on lid makes it spill-safe.

When it comes to impulse buys like this one, I can sometimes be a bit impatient, so before deciding to have the tumbler shipped I checked to see if it was available at any other Target stores within driving distance. I was shocked to find that most stores had a dwindling supply of one or two of these cute, seasonal numbers in stock. I'm guessing lots of people are loving this adorable cup for spring. If it's already selling out in stores, chances are it's not long before it's also out of stock online. If you want one for yourself or a friend or loved one, you'd be wise to order it now while it's still available.

Though this floral tumbler is designed for adult use, one Target shopper says it also works well as a "sippy cup" for a young child. "[I] love these cups for my toddler," the customer wrote in their review. "She still has her one from last year. She loves them. I love that they are partially see-through so you can easily tell when there are floaties (food particles) in the water."

$3 at Target

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