There's Only One Way to Order a Costco Cake

There's Only One Way to Order a Costco Cake

Loyal Costco shoppers love the warehouse chain for so many reasons, from the rotisserie chickens to $1.50 hot dog combos at the food court to everything in bulk. But even the most diehard fans might be a little confused by one section of the superstore: The Costco bakery. With limited information and an old-fashioned ordering system, buying cakes from Costco can cause confusion, but it is oh-so worth it. We're here to help you navigate all the details.

How can I order a cake from Costco?

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You have to do it in person. Head to the bakery department of your local Costco, and look for the ordering station. Grab a "Special Cake Order Form," fill out the details, including your phone number, and drop the completed form in the slot. You'll be asked for your pickup date and time. The store asks for 24-hour advance notice on cake orders, but it really is that simple. Costco does not offer online ordering for cakes, and the bakery at the location near us does not have a phone, so all orders must be done in person. Keep in mind that Costco is closed on seven holidays each year (New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day), so if you're ordering a cake for one of those events, you'll need to plan accordingly.

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If you didn't order in advance, no worries. Costco has an assortment of ready-made cakes you can grab and go (don't forget to grab yourself a cookie before you leave). Of course, you'll be limited by the cakes available at your location, but my local shop typically has vanilla and chocolate options, as well as cheesecakes, ready to go in the refrigerated section of the bakery. Some come decorated with "Happy Birthday" messages or flowers, but you'll be limited by the selection on hand.

What type of cakes does Costco have?

When special-ordering a cake, you can choose from white cake with white icing filled with vanilla cheesecake mousse and chocolate cake with chocolate icing filled with chocolate mousse. The order form also offers decorating options (roses, balloons, candles, rainbow, baby shower, flag, cross, and seasonal designs). The bakery also offers an option to have the cake scored with lines to make cutting easier.

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You'll also find special cakes and pies in the store that change seasonally, like the Black Forest bar cake, tuxedo cake, and four-pound triple chocolate cream pie (yes, please).

Does Costco do birthday cakes?

You can absolutely order a birthday cake from Costco. Special-order options include balloon icing decorations and writing on the cake. Just be sure to order with at least 24 hours notice. You can always grab a ready-made cake from the refrigerated section if you're not particular about the flavor or decorations.

How much do Costco cakes cost?

Costco offers two options for special-order cakes: a 10-inch round cake (serves 16) and a half sheet cake (serves 48). Prices may vary based on location and special-order options. Confirm with your local store before ordering, but here's what we found: The 10-inch round cake starts at $15.99 and the half sheet cake goes for $24.99. Compared to other grocery store bakeries, this is a bargain. Kroger offers a sheet cake that serves 25-30 for $35.99, Walmart charges $42.96 for a cake that serves 48, and a decorated half sheet cake from Publix will run $46.99. It's no wonder the Costco cakes are so popular!

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