There's A Candle That Smells Like Harry Styles, And Yes, It's A Good Substitute For A Boyfriend

Savannah Walsh
Photo credit: Rich Fury
Photo credit: Rich Fury

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It's safe to say that none of us are where we thought we'd be in May 2020. We're fetishizing the basics, from talking to friends beyond the frame of a Zoom to leaving the house without going into a flop sweat. Impulse buying candles that you don't need but now desperately want is one of the only time-honored traditions not cancelled by quarantine. So in that spirit, on day 544,675,602 (approximate) of quarantine, it feels totally rational to track down a Target candle that smells like Harry Styles.

His fans have done God's work and found a votive that reportedly smells like the Grammy nominee. How do we know the source of Styles' aroma, you ask? Back in 2017, people noticed Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille fragrance on his vanity in a selfie taken by Lou Teasdale, One Direction's go-to hair and makeup person. (The photo also proves that Styles stans Diptyque candles, which we somehow knew about him.) Styles also posted a photo to his own feed spritzing himself with the fragrance.

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Barcelona, Live On Tour.

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One fan on TikTok purchased the $60 scent and her reaction to it indicates Harry smells just as heavenly as we imagine.

In the interest of getting a spritz of comfort amid the chaos, fans seized upon a more economical way to smell like Styles. The candle is Threshold's Cashmere Vanilla and it's totally sold out online and hard to locate in stores. But the brand is reportedly working to produce more of the wicky Xanax, per TMZ.

Before the lights went out on the item, everyone on TikTok documented themselves clearing the shelves of it.

I'll admit that I'm an easy target for celebrity-associated merch, I type in an apartment that houses both Lisa Vanderpump's rosé and Kacey Musgraves' Slow Burn candle. But news that you can fill your life with the scent of Harry Styles hits different during a pandemic. Amid uncertain times, the whiff of creamy tonka bean and cocoa with notes of vanilla is worth coveting. I spent more time than I'm comfortable disclosing searching Ebay for price-gouged versions of the candle. (No dice.)

People who have bought either the candle or original fragrance have found it difficult to capture in words just what Styles smells like. Although, we imagine it's got the same free-spirited aroma fitting of a man who pairs a graphic sweater with a string of pearls on a Tuesday. It begs the question: what do other celebrities smell like? What wild aroma can be attributed to Diplo? How does Gayle King prefer her perfume? And why do we know for a fact that Camila Cabello has worn Fantasy by Britney Spears in the last month?

Photo credit: Neil Mockford - Getty Images
Photo credit: Neil Mockford - Getty Images

In another era, it could feel out of pocket to devote this much time and money to speculating on celebrity's scent. Call it a sign of the times, but this particular rabbit hole feels like just the thing we should be indulging in right now.

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