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There’s a new water bottle in town: Stanley's All Day Slim may have the Quencher beat as the brand's best

Introducing your new favorite water bottle!

Stanley may have started as a humble camping gear company, but in recent years — thanks to their virally popular Quencher tumbler — their water bottles and cups have turned into influencer-level status products. While the famous insulated cup is the brand's most recognizable product, we'd be hard-pressed to call it the best. The Stanley brand manufactured the first vacuum-insulated, portable water bottle way back in 1913 and hasn't stopped making them for over 110 years. We kinda think they know what they're doing, which is why we don't want you to feel limited in your hydration options. Let us be the first to introduce you to their latest debut — the All Day Slim water bottle. Based on what we're seeing, this new Stanley water bottle may be one of its best products yet.

This bottle keeps drinks cold for six hours longer than the viral Stanley Quencher tumbler.

$40 at Stanley

While many love the Quencher tumbler for its iconic cup-like shape, cup-holder-friendly design and reusable straw — it's not exactly compact. And if you're the type to keep the cup full all day, carrying that heavy weight around by the handle can give you a bit of wrist fatigue (amiright?). If you've been looking for something a little more sleek and leakproof, that you can fit in your cup holder and throw in your backpack, the new All Day Slim Bottle sounds like it would be right up your alley.

First, let's talk insulation. According to the brand, the 40 oz Stanley Quencher keeps drinks cold for 11 hours. While impressive, the All Day Slim Bottle keeps drinks cold for a whopping 17 hours — that's a six-hour difference. If you're a camper, you spend a lot of time in the car or you're the type to have your water sitting for hours before taking a sip (we're not here to judge), we think we may have found your favorite Stanley water bottle.

A woman stands against a pink wall holding a blue Stanley All Day Slim Water Bottle. She has a smile on her face as she looks to the side.
The new Stanley All Day Slim Bottle is lighter, more compact and better-insulated than the bestselling Quencher. (Stanley)

While we love the sleek design of the All Day Slim bottle, we know what you're thinking: That looks tough to clean — and there's no way I can fit ice cubes into that skinny neck. Have no fear, they've thought of everything.

This bottle is designed with a removable collar (the top half of the bottle) that turns it into a wide-mouth cup — similar to the Quencher. This makes it easy to add ice, mix a drink or clean like you would any cup.

The All Day Slim Bottle is completely enclosed and doesn't need a straw for you to drink from. Also, since there's no exposed opening, you'll be less likely to spill your drink while in movement. If you're driving, though, rest assured that the All Day Slim Bottle is cup holder-compatible, so it neatly fits in most car cup holders just fine.

This new Stanley release may be one of its most thoughtfully designed yet. It's leakproof, compact, travel-friendly, pretty affordable, easy to clean and more affordable than the Quencher. It currently comes in two sizes (34 oz and 20 oz) and seven colors.

Since this is a brand-new release, there aren't many reviews available, but this is sure to be a new Stanley favorite. Will it surpass the Quencher's hype? Only time will tell.

It has a removable collar that comes in handy for easily adding ice and cleaning.

$40 at Stanley