Therabody Dropped a New Workout Recovery Sleeve, And It's Affordable

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Snag Therabody's New RecoveryPulse Calf SleeveTherabody

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RECOVERY IS just as important as your workout. It plays a vital role in how your next workout functions and feels. Sore muscles can keep you from performing your best, but thanks to brands like Therabody, there's a host of recovery devices on the market to help speed up the process.

The top-rated brand makes popular massage guns you've likely seen all over the internet (and on the sidelines at professional sports games) and two different compression boot options, JetBoots and RecoveryAir. While the beloved Theragun is easy to use, it's expensive and rarely goes on sale, so it's not exactly budget-friendly addition to your routine.

Luckily, Therabody just welcomed a new product to its lineup: RecoveryPulse Calf. The leg sleeve is priced at $149, making it one of the most affordable recovery picks from Therabody.

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There are a lot of features introduced in the RecoveryPulse series that we're excited to put to the test. It claims to use vibration and compression to boost circulation, reduce soreness and pain in your lower legs and help enhance your warm up and recovery. There are three different vibration modes, each designed for different steps in your warm up or recovery process. The snug fit allows for optimal compression throughout wear, and it's slim enough to fit under pant legs if you're wearing it on the go. The calf sleeve comes in six different sizes—there's a size chart on the site so you can pick the best fit for your body. It has a 45-minute battery life.

"Therabody's new workout recovery sleeve is all about accessibility," says Men's Health fitness director Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. "It's not revolutionizing the space, but it is incredibly packable for travel, and more user-friendly than others in the space, easily slipping onto calves (or arms) and delivering solid muscle-relaxing vibrations.

Whether you're slipping the sleeve on after your cardio and strength training sessions, if you're on your feet during long days at work or even if you're a frequent flyer and get sore on planes, the compression sleeve is designed to keep your calf muscles from cramping and tightening up. A solid bonus? It is machine washable (once you take the battery pack out) which means you're able to keep it clean and ready to go as you workout and rewear.

We're excited to get our hands on Therabody's RecoveryPulse. As the weather warms up you'll want to grab the $149 device for your days out on the golf course or for after long outdoor runs. While only the calf sleeve is available now, Therabody also plans to release a RecoveryPulse Arm sleeve that'll aide in your recovery after upper-body workouts.

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