The Weirdest People We’ve Ever Sat Next to on the Plane


One of the best things about travel is the people you meet — especially when the people you meet are strange. And leave it to Reddit users to have entertaining stories about the weird passengers they’ve encountered on planes. Recently, a thread was started on the site asking users “Who was the most memorable person you ever sat next to on a plane?” Here are some of the best answers.

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The Kissing Bandit

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For Reddit user themightytiny, a randy seatmate certainly made the trip interesting. The “Danish guy who’d had a bit too much to drink” in the next seat turned to themighttiny and said: “It’s a very long flight, do you want to kiss me?“ When themighttiny pointed out that his boyfriend was sitting right next to him, “the Danish guy looked at my boyfriend, shrugged and said ‘I’ll kiss him too.’”

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The Ginger Scotsman

The “huge ginger Scotsman” next to Reddit user Free_Will was obviously terrified of flying. So as the engines started, Free_Will tried to talk to the guy to take his mind off the situation. “I asked him what his name was,” writes Free_Will. “ [H]e looked at me with terror in his eyes and just said ‘Ah cannae f*ckin remember pal!’”

Gamblin’ Pete Rose

Pete Rose (Photo: Pete Rose/Facebook)

Landlubber77 sat next to a famous fellow flyer on a plane from Tampa to Cincinnati in 2002 — baseball player and coach Pete Rose. Writes the Reddit user: “[I] leaned over just a tad and said, [‘How] much you wanna bet this plane crashes?’” Landlubber77 was kidding around of course. But Rose looked horrified. “I very quickly realized that my faux pas was on multiple levels. One, his betting on baseball got him banned from the game and shut out of the hall of fame, so me referencing it probably isn’t as funny to him as it is to me. Two, this was less than a year after 9/11 and asking another passenger about the likelihood of the plane they’re currently on crashing probably isn’t as funny to him as it is to me.” Lesson learned, Landlubber77. Lesson learned.

A Sick Trip

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When Jimboslice5001 was on an 11-hour flight for a school trip to Canada, it was basically a pukefest. “The guy next to me was sick seven times in the first two hours,” he writes. “He never managed to any in a sick bag and always said he felt better so he didn’t go to the bathroom.” Though he always aimed at the aisle, according to Jimboslice5001, “He managed to hit like three people.” Understandably, it was — we assume for everyone involved — “worst flight ever.”

It’s All a Conspiracy

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Says another Reddit user: “I sat to a professional conspiracy theorist. The guy had an AM radio show and writes books on this sh*t. He also had a booming voice, and refused to shut [up] throughout the entire flight. He wouldn’t let me ignore him. I even sat in the bathroom … for 20 minutes, in hopes that he would be asleep when I went back to my seat.” At least he didn’t accuse the guy of killing JFK.

The Depressed Flight Attendant

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Dum_dums unwittingly got a sneak peek into the life of a depressed Ryan Air flight attendant. According to the passenger: “You spend the first 20 years of your adult life working very long intensive days with unsatisfied customers all the time. You have no chance of growing in your career or building a family, and not making enough money to save up.” The flight attendant drank three beers during the hour-long flight. “I’m sure she was probably depressed.”

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