The Votes Are In! Alaska Airlines Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction


Alaska Airlines ranks highest in customer satisfaction and their rewards program is the favorite among travelers. (Photo: Alaska Airlines)

Let’s be honest, flying can be a huge pain these days. With increased ticket prices, smaller seats, and fewer in-flight amenities, travelers can’t help but to feel like they’re really being taken for a ride.  

But there are a few airlines that people actually enjoy flying.

According to the JD Powers 2015 Satisfaction Report, Alaska Airlines ranks the highest in customer satisfaction for traditional carriers. This is the eighth consecutive year the airline has received this honor. 

Rounding out the top three are Delta Airlines in second place, and American Airlines in third. In the low-cost carrier category, JetBlue Airways ranked the highest in customer satisfaction. 

The results were based on performance in seven areas (in order of importance): cost and fees; in-flight services; boarding/deplaning/baggage; flight crew; aircraft; check-in; and reservation. 

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Alaska Airline is upgrading its main cabin interior. (Photo: Alaska Airlines)

The satisfaction report also shed some light on which loyalty/rewards programs are most beloved by travelers. 

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan ranks highest in overall customer satisfaction with airline loyalty/rewards programs. JetBlue Airways TrueBlue ranks second, followed by Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards.

Alaska Airlines also topped AirfareWatchdog’s list of the best airlines of 2015. Virgin America came in second, followed by Delta in third, and JetBlue in fourth.

The travel website made their decision based on canceled flights, on-time arrival, mishandled bags, denied boarding, and customer satisfaction. 

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