The Sweaters That Are Making Us Pray For Snow

By Sari Anne Tuschman 

There are a few divine moments before winter really rears its unrelenting, freezing head when the promise of yummy sweaters and chunky knits feels exciting. We are still in that phase, which is probably why so many of this season’s sweaters are speaking to us right now, calling for our inner ski bunny to come out and play. From Chloe’s recent snow capsule collection to Isabel’s dreamy jumpers to countless more affordable options, gorgeous knits are everywhere right now, and we would like a few of them in our closet pronto. Click through for what we will be wearing as the snow begins to fall outside. Just add a fireplace and a steaming cup of hot cocoa, and we’re good to go. Ahhh, winter— who says cold and chic don’t go hand in gloved hand?

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