Dude Beauty Bloggers: 8 to Watch

While scrutinizing the latest moisturizers, lip balms and hair gels may seem like the domain of female bloggers, the boys are getting in on the action too. Call it the rise of the boy blogger – and vloggers. More men are creating their own blogs to cover male grooming and styling, educating their audiences about everything from manscaping and top knots to dishing up style tips. These bloggers, who range from college students to industry veterans, are unabashed about their love of grooming.

“I've pretty much always had a passion for dressing nice and looking nice but also caring about my appearance,” says vlogger Jordan O’Brien. “If you care about your appearance it shows a sense of maturity and self-awareness that radiates. Every guy should take pride in the way they look and not have to feel the stigma that caring about your appearance is only a girl thing."

What’s behind the uptick of male bloggers? Quite a few things, according to celebrity makeup artist Lori Depp, who has worked with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ryan Reynolds and Sting (she’s also the founder of Serendeppity Lip Gloss). “Men’s personal-care products have become a billion-dollar industry with designers such as Tom Ford and Calvin Klein doing grooming and makeup lines for men,” she says. “With options like anti-shine powders, lightweight concealers and tinted moisturizers, men have upped their game.” And where there are beauty products, the bloggers will follow.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest dudes in the male beauty blogosphere:

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