The Perfect ... Travel Jacket

·Editor at Large

What: J.Crew Boyfriend Fatigue Jacket

Cost: $168

Why: Carrying a purse when you travel can be a huge pain in the neck. Literally. I tend to be a bit of a hoarder and no matter how carefully I pack a tote bag, by the end of the day, after walking around, seeing the sights of a city, it magically transforms from a feather light day bag into a small elephant intent on dislocating my shoulder. A purse is also a hindrance. My sister Sophie once had hers ripped off her arm in Spain. And, if you are the type who likes to travel with really expensive bag on your shoulder that blares out “I HAVE A GAZILLION DOLLARS TO BLOW ON A BAG—CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT I HAVE INSIDE?” you are really asking for it.

But carrying a purse of some sort has always been a necessity. I have to have my essentials: wallet, notepad, pen, camera, phone and lip balm. You can’t carry all those in your jeans pockets. Trust me—I’ve tried. It’s not pretty.

Or, I should say, a bag was a necessity until now. Someone (J.Crew) has finally come out with a stylishly chic flak jacket that has deep enough pockets for any sized wallet, a large Moleskin notebook, with breast pockets that fit an iPhone and a camera. I’ve worn it in Afghanistan and in New York and feel like I’ve finally found a garment that truly blends form, function and fashion. May J.Crew never stop making it.