The Oscars Gift Bag is Packed with Beauty Products

The most coveted item at the Academy Awards is the golden statue, but the second-most coveted item is the gift bag. Each nominee will go home a winner thanks to the extravagant freebies from gift bags and gift lounges that are set up by companies and PR agencies in an attempt to snuggle up with the stars and get photos of them with their products in the press.

The Academy Awards actually banned official gift bags in 2006 because recipients have to pay taxes on them, but there are plenty of unofficial swag bags and lounges to please gift-seeking stars. Every year, there are luxurious and insanely overpriced beauty products and treatments involved—and we’ve got the scoop on the craziest (and most random) beauty goods that will be given to stars this year from Distinctive Assets, a Los Angeles based marketing company. Oh, and did we mention this gift bag is worth $150,000?