The Only Adventure Travel Pants You Will Ever Need

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You can do anything in these pants. Anything. (Photo: Olivia Balsinger)

I don’t own “hiking pants.” When they appeared as a recommended item on the packing list for a recent Adventure Week in the Western Balkans excursion that I was attending, I scratched my head and thought about whether I could hike in jeans or perhaps yoga pants.

"You need something that breathes," one of my more adventurous friends told me. "And something with lots of pockets." 

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She pointed me in the direction of Clothing Arts’ women’s travel pants, and after 12 days in Albania, Kosovo, and Macedonia, I can attest to the fact that I may never travel in any other pants ever again. I’m ashamed to admit how often I wore these pants.


I’m just drinking out of a stream on the highest mountain in Kosovo. (Photo: Faton Cakolli)

I climbed mountains in them, biked in them, rode horses in them, cuddled more stray dogs and cats than I can count in them. I even slept in them (I’m gross). I traveled through three countries with temperature swings of 30 degrees. I haven’t been this obsessed with a pair of pants since I discovered that fancy sweatpants come in cashmere. 


Never lose your smartphone again. (Photo: Clothing Arts)

There are many things that make these pants wonderful. I will mention just a few. They are equipped with six multisecure pockets and a triple-secure hidden passport/money pocket. They are wrinkle, rain, and stain resistant. They have two smartphone pockets, which is excellent because I do carry two smartphones when I travel. They have dual gussets, which make them oddly slimming and attractive. They roll up to Capri size when it gets hot or when you want to wade leisurely in a mountain stream. They wick moisture — whatever that means. I just know I never felt wet.

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I can’t say enough good things about these pants. Now that they have proven themselves in the Balkans, I am psyched to road-test them in Utah later this week.

Don’t worry, I finally washed them.

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