The Internet Fell in Love With Kenneth Bone and His Red Sweater During Debate: Here’s Where to Buy It

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(Photo: AP Images)

And the winner of the second presidential debate is … Kenneth Bone.

No, he’s not a write-in candidate.

He’s the uncommitted voter who asked the second-to-last question in last night’s Town Hall debate. You probably noticed him before he stood up, though, as he was the only man on stage not wearing a suit.

Instead, he was wearing a cozy looking red sweater.

As the cute man with a mustache stood up, Americans fell in love with his sweater, his soft voice, and his utter cluelessness as to how famous he was becoming in that very instant. Plus, he’s smart, too.

In a cable-knit pullover with a ¼ zipper and rectangular glasses, Bone turned everyone’s attention from lewd comments and private email servers, and not only because of his awesome wardrobe. Bone challenged Trump and Clinton on their energy policies by asking, “what steps will your energy policy take to meet our energy needs while at the same time remaining environmentally friendly and minimizing job loss for fossil power plant workers?”

And with that, social media fell hard.

One user called the emerging Halloween costume trend:

Other viewers compared Bone to the Toy Story 2 character Al, a toy collector who wears a red shirt similar to Bone’s sweater and has a near-identical mustache.

Many users are calling for Bone to be the next president.


Viewers swooned even more when they realized Bone had taken the final photo at the end of the debate. Standing in the center of the stage all alone snapping one last shot, little did he know the only photo people wanted was one of him.

The best part is, Bone appeared on radio show 590 The Fan Monday morning and revealed that he only wore the red sweater because the olive suit he was planning on wearing ripped when he got in the car. We kid you not, the sweater was “Plan B.”

Our only remaining question is, where do we get that sweater?!

Well, we did some digging and found the famed sweater—or an IZOD version that looks exactly like it—on Kohl’s for $49.

Oh, and no, we have no idea what the candidates’ policies on energy are. #Sorrynotsorry.