IceHotel Is Back: Check Out This Year’s Frozen Rooms

Leah Ginsberg
·Lead Editor

It’s that time of year for the re-construction of the famous Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden: Every year between October and November, the Icehotel is built from thousands of tons of ice and “snice” (that’s snow-ice) — enough to create 700 million snowballs, apparently. Everything is made of this ice and snice – from the lobby to the bar to the furniture to the 19 themed rooms. 

For several frigid months (usually December through April) tourists pay to stay in the ice art, where the temperature hovers between 16 and 23 degrees Fahrenheit. Then the whole darn thing melts come spring. 

Here, check out the the designs in the 26th iteration of the famous IceHotel.

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