The House That Miranda Lambert Built: The Country Star Dishes About Her B&B

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One of her biggest hits is called “The House That Built Me.” Now, Miranda Lambert is inviting fans to the House That Miranda Built. The Ladysmith, the country superstar’s B&B, has been open for business for a little more than a month in Tishomingo, the Oklahoma town near where Miranda lives with her husband, fellow country star and The Voice judge Blake Shelton.

“I wasn’t planning on doing this in my life,” Lambert told Yahoo Travel. But after a year of renovations to the 113-year-old building (“We had to take it down to the studs,” she says.), this musical entrepreneur is taking a liking to her new life as an innkeeper.


The Ladysmith, in Tishomingo, Oklahoma (Photo: The Ladysmith)

The Ladysmith is two stories and features eight rooms, each mostly decorated from Miranda’s personal collection. They have names like: Working Man Blues, which comes with a Chevrolet tailgate headboard and vintage fire extinguisher lamp; the Texas-themed Laci Jill; and the Knaughty Pine, which has a big wooden headboard, a forest theme, and “plenty of room to play.” 

“Every room has its own character,” Miranda says. “I feel like that’s how my albums are.”

The “Working Man Blues” is one of the eight uniquely decorated rooms in Lambert’s B&B. (Photo: The Ladysmith)

Like a proud mama, Miranda gushed on and on about her new baby during her chat with Yahoo Travel. She shared with us what it was like going from country superstar to innkeeper (Hint: Her flea market addiction helped a lot.), Blake’s feelings bout her new business venture, drink recipes, and the origins of The Ladysmith’s name (Another hint: One of Miranda’s big hits is “Gunpowder and Lead”).

Miranda tells Yahoo Travel what her husband and fellow country music superstar Blake Shelton thinks of her new business venture. (Photo: AP)

Congratulations! The  Ladysmith has been open a little more than a month. How’s business?

It’s good. We’re very excited. We’re happy to have the doors open, to have people coming in and out after a year of renovations. 

I had breakfast there for the first time the other day. I went over to have breakfast with my aunt and some guests.

Ever have breakfast with a Grammy winner? (Photo: The Ladysmith)

You popped in and had breakfast with guests? That must have freaked them out to have breakfast with a country superstar!

I’m in and out of there quite a bit. People don’t realize it’s me. I look way different than when I’m decked out for awards shows! I went there once, and a couple who was staying there was asking me where I was from, what I did. I just said I was the owner. It later dawned on them.

Where does the name The Ladysmith come from?

I wanted elegant and classy, with an Old-World feel to it. Ladysmith felt kind of right. I didn’t plan on naming it after a gun [LadySmith is a line of Smith & Wesson guns designed for women. Miranda’s Ladysmith happens to be located across the street from her other Tishomingo business venture, a boutique called The Pink Pistol].

As an added bonus, this B&B is a good place for Miranda to keep her stuff. (Photo: The Ladysmith)

What inspired you to open this B&B?

It’s crazy. I’m a fan of preserving old things. I loved the building [a converted 1901 drugstore], which was just sitting there rotting. I wanted to turn it into something grand, to its original state. I bought it; it wasn’t for sale, but everything’s for sale. Then I said, “I don’t know the first thing about running a B&B.”But the building is what inspired me.

I wasn’t planning on doing this in my life, but I found a great innkeeper [Staci Addison] and staff. Every room has its own character, its message to say. I feel like that’s how my albums are.

“The Sun Never Sets” is what this room is called. (Photo: The Ladysmith)

The décor is described as “shag chic meets rock ‘n’ roll.” What kinds of personal touches are in the B&B? Did you do the shopping?


All of it. It’s things I’ve acquired over a couple of years. I’ve been buying things I love, and I’d just put them in storage. Then when this B&B came up, I thought, “This is perfect.”

Buying a B&B might have been cheaper than keeping all that stuff in storage.

[Laughs] I know! I needed to do something with it. I needed a B&B because I needed someplace to put my stuff!

What does Blake think of it? 

He loves it. It does keep me busy when I’m at home. 

OF COURSE Miranda’s B&B has a fully stocked bar! (Photo: The Ladysmith)

You and Blake love a good whiskey. Do you serve drinks at your B&B?

We have a fully stocked bar. We carry Miranda Lambert wine. And Randaritas [Miranda’s favorite cocktail:  a shot of vodka, Crystal Light, and a splash of Sprite Zero]. 

What are your favorite things to do around Tishomingo that you can recommend for people staying at The Ladysmith?

We really encourage everybody to visit all the businesses and restaurants.

There are a lot of great little boutiques down the street. And what I love is the small-town people. 

[The Ladysmith] is the real deal. It’s a warm environment if you really want to know what it’s like to be in a small town. It’s a good way to get away.

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