The Genius Tights That Keep Bulges at Bay

No one likes tights that are too tight. (Photo: Not Too Tights)

Despite being a wintertime staple, there is an unfortunate downside to tights. They aren’t always comfortable or flattering around your waistline. No matter what shape or size you are, even the teeniest amount of extra skin gets squished up causing that not-so-sexy bulge we know as a muffin top. Two sisters, Dori and Ilissa Howard discovered a solution after playing Edward Scissorhands to the waistbands of their tights one time too many. “We spent years hacking away at our tights with scissors to make the waist band looser. But while we would make the tights more comfortable, we would also be creating two problems: The top of the tights would be messy and frayed and sometimes we would over cut and the elastic band would become totally ineffective,” Ilissa explains.

With a little bit of patent pending technology, this dynamic duo created Not Too Tights, designed to lay flat against your midsection without a hint of muffin top. “I never understood how yoga pants could have a thick waistband that was comfortable and supportive, yet no one in hosiery had ever figured this out. We love the look of sleek black tights, but hated having a bump right in our mid-section where one didn’t previously exist,” explains Dori. So next time you want to look tight and toned, ditch the suffocating shapewear that can actually lead to not so sexy health issues like nerve tingling and urinary tract infections, and instead choose a pair of Not Too Tight tights instead- no scissors required.


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