The Evolution of the Perfect Female Body

This story is being featured as part of our “Yahoo Best of 2015” series. It was originally published on January 18, 2015.

From hourglass figures, to waifs, to Bootylicious curves, popular celebrities and styles often dictate how women want to their bodies to look. But as the wise folks over at say, “ It also changes year over year, so the physical qualities we embrace today are often at odds with those from previous generations.” They’ve carefully examined American societal ideals over the past 100 years and created thought-provoking infographics of how the more desired women’s body types have changed over time, as well as the undergarments, diets, and exercises it takes to achieve them.

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The website offers these words of wisdom: “if you’ve ever found yourself wishing for this actress’s waist or that singer’s legs, remember this: The media’s concept of the ideal woman’s body isn’t static.” We’d like to add one thing: You’ll be much happier making the most of what you’ve got. Take a look through the decades and lets us know what you think of society’s ever-changing ideals.