The Best Business Travel Shirt Ever

·Editor at Large

As a travel editor, I am inundated with products promising to do pretty much everything but walk your dog. So when I got an email from MagnaReady, a brand I’d never heard of, claiming its dress shirt (!) was wrinkle free, stain resistant, self-buttoning, and machine washable, I was skeptical. 

But I was wrong. This shirt is my new sartorial unicorn. It arrived in the mail in a plastic pouch, and I immediately put it to the test. Without ironing, I put it on: Sure enough, no wrinkles. By the end of the day, I’d spilled coffee and hot sauce on it — both of which came out immediately — and then threw it in the wash. And it was still wrinkle free. No ironing necessary.

I even put it in the bottom of my backpack for three days (crumpled into a ball) to see how it would fare. I finally shook it out and hung it up, and within five minutes, it was good enough to wear to a meeting. Not kidding.

But the real test was when I took it to New Orleans in August. Hot, steamy, and non-dress-shirt friendly, the city put the MagnaReady through the wringer — and it came through with straight A’s. From now on, when I travel for business, this is the only shirt I’m packing. 

Bonus: For people with arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, the buttons on the shirt are just for show. Hidden inside the placket are powerful magnets that link together for a secure close. 

Double Bonus: At just $65.95 a shirt it’s affordable.