The Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History According to Lisa Eldridge

From Ancient Egypt to the 1980s, there have been good times to be a makeup lover and there have been bad times to be a makeup lover. In Lisa Eldridge’s newest beauty video, the makeup artist (who’s clients include Kate Moss, Cara Delevinge, and Kate Winslet) highlights the best and worst makeup moments in history. The video came up after Eldridge was doing research for her recently released beauty tome, Face Paint. “I kept thinking about this idea of, ‘If I was to have a time machine, where and when would I want to be transported back to? Which were the best and worst moments in history for makeup lovers?’” she says in the video.

Eldridge showcases 13 different looks in the six minute video, covering everything from the over the top styles of sixteenth century Venice (a time where the must-have foundation was also quite toxic) to the heavy blush of eighteenth century French court. As a beauty lover, if I had a pick an best makeup moment, it would be a tie between the smoky eyes and vampy lips of the 1920s flapper and the dramatic liner of the 1960s. I would skip out on times like the Victorian era when Queen Victoria deemed makeup to be “vulgar and unladylike.” Eldridge points out that women resorted to pinching their cheeks and biting their lips for adding color to the face under the Queen’s rule of Britain — ouch. A history and beauty lesson all rolled into one, this video is definitely worth checking out.


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