The Benefits of Mixing Your Own Face Mask


Photo: Trunk Archive

When herbalists Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm formulated the face mask for their skin-care line, Earth Tu Face, they made one big decision. Their exfoliating mask would be completely dry—as in, made without water, aloe, or any other wet ingredients. Instead, to create the all-natural mask, at-home users must add water, mix, and apply. Why the DIY? By keeping everything inside the jar dry and preservative-free, products have a much longer shelf life, meaning you can make your favorite mask last for years instead of tossing it out when it starts to smell funky in 8 months.

Earth Tu Face’s is one of a small but growing number of powder masks for the face and body, and we’ve already found three we like (below). Most masks call for a 1:1 powder-to-water ratio, but for a more moisturizing experience, Buscho recommends adding honey. The natural humectant is antibacterial, too.

Shea Terra Organics Moroccan Mud-Tox Body Cleanse ($18)
Moroccan clay and a hint of clementine oil combine for a body-soothing, sebum-soaking treat. (Applying it in the tub is a must.)

Earth Tu Face Exfoliant Mask ($72)
Chock full of oats, carrot-seed oil, and home-grown calendula petals, this mask softens and soothes.

Bliss No ‘Zit’ Sherlock Rubberizing Mask ($38)
This cooling mask treats blemish-prone skin with willow bark extract and tea tree oil. Bonus: As it firms, it turns rubbery for an amusingly Swamp Thing experience.