Emma Stone's Beauty Evolution, from Bright Young Thing to Red Carpet Ace

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by Sarah Wu and Christa Joanna Lee, Teen Vogue

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We give these looks an easy “A.”

If we were only allowed one vote for celebrity best friend, there’s no question that Emma Stone would be a top contender. The actress and former Teen Vogue cover star is one of the funniest girls in the biz, and has a live-in-the-moment attitude you can’t help but embrace. It could be said that all she does is win.

Speaking of, Emma’s long been winning our beauty-loving hearts with her experimentation on the red carpet. The star has gone back and forth between red and blonde hair over the years, but her strands have always retained their preternatural polish. As for her makeup? We can definitely see why Revlon picked her to be the face of their brand. Few non-models can pull off purple and pink eyeshadow—let alone color that goes all the way up to their brows—but she makes it look easy (not to mention fun). Check out her beauty evolution below. 

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1. April 2006

A 17-year-old Emma poses in bangs, half-up hair, and the same infectious smile that will become her unofficial red carpet trademark.

2. April 2007

One year later, and she’s updated her look with a side part and loose waves (note: Hair as glossy as Emma’s is always a plus. To replicate the super-smooth finish at home, run some shine serum over your strands after you curl them).

3. April 2008

Fast forward another year, and she boosts her waves with major volume at the crown. She also dials back her base, keeping the finish super dewy so her freckles show through the makeup.

4. May 2008

Let this be a lesson in wearing the same color family on your face, the right way. Emma concentrates the brightest shade of peach on the apples of her cheeks, then lightly applies more muted iterations to her eyes and lips. The finished effect is a healthy, natural springtime flush.

5. June 2008

She warms up her base for summer, but wisely doesn’t go overboard on the bronzer. Besides a flick of black liner, she keeps the rest of her makeup fairly straightforward (so that the focus is on her chic gold hairpiece and dangly statement earrings).

6. January 2009

A new year calls for a new look! Emma obliges by pulling her hair off her face into an elegant updo and piling on the mascara for fanned-out, feathery lashes.

7. April 2009

Think of this as a more sophisticated version of beach chic (mist damp hair with surf spray for a similar effect). To dress up the overall look, keep your makeup clean and polished: winged liner, smooth base, and a touch of pink blush.

8. July 2009

Emma keeps things casual at Comic-Con with air-dried, wispy bangs. A little black liner and subtle pink gloss add the right amount of balance to ensure that her makeup looks effortless, not unfinished.

9. November 2009

Time to add some color! She wears a light lilac shadow all around the eye and manages to make it look fresh. Remember these two things when attempting the colorful shadow wash: Blend it out and select a matte finish for a modern twist.

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