The Artful Desperado Wants You to Get Coffee (and Cocktails and Groceries) in Style

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Mexican-born, Vancouver-based Gabriel Cabrera, the man behind The Artful Desperado, is one to watch. A photographer, food and prop stylist, and recipe developer, Cabrera has worked for West Elm, Lowe’s, and Air New Zealand, and we think you’ll be seeing a lot more of him soon. Actually, we know you will; look out for Cabrera’s contribution to Yahoo Food’s Cake of the Day series soon. Until then, find out what he’s giving his friends for the holidays.


Photo: Gabriel Cabrera

What are your top 5 food-related gift ideas for the holidays?


1: Scandinavian buttering board: A good buttering board is a must for breakfast and pastry lovers alike. This one gets extra cool points for being modern and sleek. Photo: LEIF


2: Camano coffee millYou know what cozy awesome feeling you get when you’re in a cabin chillin’ and sipping coffee? Well, you can get that same feeling with this coffee mill…right!? It’s a quintessential kitchen item for all of you lumbersexuals. Photo: OFS. 


3: Piebox set: We all know this season you’ll need to haul a bunch of pies from party to party, so you’ll definitely need one of these nifty pie boxes. But hey, you can keep using it after the holidays, ‘cause who doesn’t like home-delivered pie all year long? *crickets* That’s right. Bring it! Photo: Food52



4: A subscription to Gather Journal: A subscription to this magazine is one of the best gifts you can give to your food-obsessed friend. It is a continuous sources of inspiration where food is taken to a whole new level—an art-in-a-gallery kind of level. Photo: Gather Journal


5: The W&P cocktail kit: With this bad boy you’ll get everything you need to rock the bar. Also, that canvas bag can double as a market bag. Drinks and groceries in style? Yes please! Remember, your cocktails are only as good as your outfit…and tools. Photo: The Mason Shaker

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
That would be a trip to France when I was a teenager. My clever parents knew I would flip out with all the pastries and culture, and boy were they right. That trip pretty much set my whole career in motion.


Photo: artfuldesperado/Gabriel Cabrera

What’s the best gift you’ve ever given?
A Madonna “Confessions on a Dance Floor”-themed cake. I know it wasn’t a purchased present per se, but it took me two days to make and the friend who received it was super happy! It even came with a disco ball on the top.


Photo: Warner Bros.

What are your plans for the holidays?
This year I am going to take a chill pill and relax at home. No big parties, no trips. I usually plan a little getaway, but this year has been packed with work and I need some serious ‘me’ timeexcept for some a few pie gatherings with friends.


Photo: artfuldesperado/Gabriel Cabrera

What will be on your holiday dinner table this year?
I am planning to make some Mexican classics with a Canadian twist. (I was born in Mexico, hence the taco love.) A good example would be roasted squash topped with a spicy poblano pepper cream sauce and a mezcal and maple syrup cocktail of sorts to wash it down. Are you feeling me?!

What’s a great last-minute gift?
A friend coupon! That’s one of those “this card is good for a [insert something your friend likes here]”. That way you get to treat your friend later on when the crazy holiday frenzy is over and you’ll have extra time to plan it. Perfect excuse to hang out and enjoy some time together. Win win!

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