The Apps You Need to Download for Festival Season

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If you didn’t record it and share it, did it even happen? (Photo: Alexey Kuzma/Stocksy)

Did you kick off this year’s festival season in your cowboy boots at SXSW? Are you preparing to dance barefoot in the mud of Coachella?

Of course, our favorite music festivals make us want to disconnect, but the truth is that technology can improve our festival experience in so many ways… if you know the right apps to use. These are the apps you should probably download ahead of time to maintain your sanity, your dignity, and your friendships. 

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From organizing all of your favorite photos to finding your friends in the melee, or getting a coffee — stat, these apps can help you find your way and make the most of every 2015 festival. 

Problem:  You’ve not only pushed and shoved your way to the front row of the headlining band, but taken video of their entire set. How can you best show it off, right this second? 

Solution: Lyve App


Storing your photos and videos has never been easier. (Photo: Lyve via iTunes)

The Lyve App allows users to gather, collect, organize, view, and rediscover the entire digital photo collection from their phone, regardless of storage capacity. It’s easy. Before heading to the festival, simply download Lyve on your computer, set up your account (just an email and password), download the app on your phone, and you’re good to go! 

Problem:  While camping under the stars with thousands of other fans for four days is a whole lot of fun, it ain’t easy to look your best. 

Solution: L’Oréal Makeup Genius App


Look good on the go, all of the time. Photo: L’Oreal via iTunes)

This makeup tester transforms your phone into a virtual mirror that allows you to instantly apply makeup onto your own reflection in real time. Choose from expertly curated makeup looks and an endless array of products that will allow you to create the ultimate beauty statement — from rave-bright eyeliners to rock-star lip balms.

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Problem: Your favorite band is scheduled to play at the same time your best friend wants to head to a pool party. Sure you guys can split up, but what are the chances of finding each other in a crowd of thousands later?

Solution: Find My Friends App


Never be lost again. (Photo: Apple)

Keep track of your friends in the huge festival crowd with the Find My Friends App. Have all your friends install the app, which syncs with your phone’s contacts and maps applications. The app allows you to track down, estimate the distance from, and find the quickest route back to your friends. 

Problem:  Those late-night, life-changing tacos might be the only thing that will help you through the long weekend of shows, dancing and drinking… but how to remember where you stumbled upon that food truck last night?

Solution: Drunk Mode App


Save yourself from yourself. (Photo: Drunk Mode via iTunes)

Although your tortilla crumbs might not leave a path, the breadcrumbs feature of the Drunk Mode App will. “Breadcrumbs” uses GPS tracking to keep track of where you go during your drunken festival endeavors, allowing you to track your not-so-clear memories. The app also allows you to hide predetermined contacts when you want to get tipsy — helping to prevent you from calling that particular contact in your phone, and to keep your dignity intact.

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Problem: You may have met “the one” in line for the bathroom. But in an instant, the person of your dreams is gone. How can you possibly track them down without a Craig’s List “Missed Connection”?

Problem:  Woke up late and need a coffee, stat.

Solution: Around Me


Find anything, any time. (Photo: Around Me)

AroundMe allows users to quickly find exactly what they need — and want — no matter where they are. AroundMe provides more than coffee shops and restaurants. It also provides information on local necessities, like ATMs and gas stations.

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