The 15 Most Affordable Destinations for 2015


Dallas topped’s list of the most affordable destinations for 2015. (Thinkstock)

We’ve seen the lists of top destinations for 2015, but what we really want to know is how much it’s going to cost us. released a list of the 15 most affordable destinations for 2015. And among the 50 states, Dallas is the place to visit if you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck.

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Priceline’s list was compiled by using the lowest average daily hotel room rates for 2014. Dallas had an average daily hotel rate of $86.31.

Salt Lake City, Utah, and Orlando, Fla. rounded out the top three.

Below is the full list showing the most affordable destinations for 2015 and their average daily room rate.

Dallas, Tex.— $86.31

Salt Lake City, Utah — $88.24

Orlando, Fla. — $89.57

Charlotte, N.C. — $92.37

Phoenix, Ariz. — $93.44

Tampa, Fla. — $94.03

Las Vegas, Nev. — $96.27

Atlanta, Ga. — $96.99

Louisville, Ky. — $101.69

San Antonio, Tex. — $101.69

Houston, Tex. —$103.72

Orange County, Calif. —$107.91

Minneapolis/St.Paul, Minn.—$106.69

Denver, Colo. — $109.20

Portland, Ore. — $109.30

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