The 11 Best Bar Bites in America

When traveling, we tend to splurge on dining and save the less-than-appetizing bar food for a late night out at home. But what if your man wants to watch the big game on the road and you want some classier fare? Have no fear, the host of the new Travel Channel show Chow Masters, Chef Sam DeMarco (aka Sammy D) is here. Sammy D is known for his topnotch bar food and his famous haunts in Atlantic City and Australia. Here, he breaks down his top 11 bar bites across the country.


What: Rou Jia Mo street sandwich

Where: China Poblano — Las Vegas

“Their take on crossing over Chinese and Mexican food cultures will literally befuddle your mind and overwhelm your taste buds. The red braised pork is tender, juicy, full of flavor, and conveniently served in sandwich form. Other places get the masses; this place gets the foodies because of this sandwich.”


What: Roast pork Italian

Where: Reading Terminal Market — Philadelphia

“This is a real Philly thing, even if it’s not technically a bar where you can drink. It’s slow-roasted juicy pork with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe on a Philly roll. Tourists will always gravitate toward the cheese steak, but Philadelphians truly know the roast pork Italian is the official sandwich for the City of Brotherly Love. The fattiness of the meat, the tang from the cheese, and a bitter green and garlic make this a hit.”

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What: Smoked fish spread with rye toasts, capers, and dill

Where: Brooklyn Bowl by Blue Ribbon — Brooklyn

“Spreads are an up-and-coming trend. The silky smoky fish on toast makes my mouth water. But, their egg shooters and knish are up there, too. This is an awesome place.”


What: Wammerl

Where: Grünauer — Kansas City, Missouri

“Austrian and German food personified, this house of schnitzels, sausages, and goulash is das good. Wammerl is composed of crispy pork belly with fried semolina dumplings — and you know Sammy D loves his dumplings. Add on the balsamic-soaked shallots, and it’s like putting your taste buds on the autobahn.”


What: Mussels

Where: Pearl Oyster Bar — New York City

"Mussels are the quintessential bar food. Grab them with your hands, throw them down, toss the shell somewhere, get more, have a drink, and keep on shellin’."

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What: Wings

Where: Old Town Bar — New York City

"These are no-frills wings. They’re the right size, grabbable, and not too messy. Take it from a wing chef, these are as good as it gets. My buddy Lou and I used to make this a go-to spot when it snowed in New York. We also came here when it rained and maybe when it was nice outside too.”


What: Jersey Long Hots

Where: Steakhouse at Harrah’s Resort — Atlantic City

“My place is right around the corner, so I get to go in and grab a martini and devour these hot peppers regularly. Chef Steve prepares ‘em awesome, blisters ‘em, and salts ‘em with chunks of bacon on nice crunchy bread."


What: The Whole Bar Menu

Where: Cut — Las Vegas, Nevada

"Anything off the menu is good at their six-seat bar. I go for the steak tartare, a knish, or the Kobe sliders. Wolfgang knows how to bring it home his own way.”

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What: Memphis Blues Smothered Fries

Where: Salvador Mollys — Portland, Oregon

“These guys won the Golden Skillet on Chow Masters, and I can’t wait to go back for more. Their hurricane garlic fries topped with slow-roasted barbecued pork, cheese, and sour cream are great.”


What: Farmers onion soup

Where: Arthur’s Tavern — Hoboken, New Jersey

"This place has the best steak for the price, hands down — but I’m here to talk about Arthur’s farmers onion soup. They dropped the French and made it all red, white, and blue — meaning crunchy croutons, onions with bite, and cheese so gooey that it can stretch across their bar! OK, maybe not that stretchy, but you get my drift.”


What: Sirloin Game Tips

Where: The Buckhorn Exchange — Denver, Colorado

“The Buckhorn is known for their Rocky Mountain oysters — eh, don’t think I’m going game for that. However, I am game to try some game! This local fave features sirloin game tips of meat including buffalo and my absolute must try, elk. Each piece of meat is sautéed with fresh mushrooms and a daily sauce de jour!”

A 10-year lifestyle vet, Jordi Lippe has been a regular on numerous national talk shows and news programs, such as MSNBC news, “Today,” and “The Wendy Williams Show.” Jordi currently lives in Manhattan, where she cooks; writes; cuddles with her chihuahua, Taco; and is on a constant mission to hunt down the best truffles in the city.

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