The 10 Things Everyone Was Gossiping About at London Fashion Week

Leeann Duggan
·Senior Editor

London Fashion Week wraps up today, and as usual, there’s a whole lot you miss if you only see the shows via livestream, Instagram (and Yahoo Style of course). So, we’re doing the next best thing to taking you along, by giving you the low-down on what the fashion editors really loved, hated, and couldn’t stop talking about during the shows.

Outrageous outfits, runway spectacles, major fashion gossip, and griping ahoy!

Burberry gave Snapchat users a first look at its spring 2016 collection — the night before its runway show. Photo: Getty Images.

Some fashion editors were shocked. Others were huffy: “What’s the point of even going now?” we heard one remark. But the loss of the fashion show’s exclusivity began with the rise of internet journalism, and continues unabated with social media and livestreams of every show. Fashion editors aren’t the gatekeepers anymore. Maybe they should sign up for a Snapchat account if they want the first look they’re used to having. (And, for the record, Christopher Bailey still gave us ample reason to attend his runway show.)

Mirror, mirrors on the wall… Photo: Getty Images.

Mirrors made an appearance in many runway sets this season, from Mary Katrantzou, to Phoebe English, to Simone Rocha. Why did every designer do it? “Maybe they know how much fashion editors like to look at themselves,” one posited.

The massive amounts of nipple on display. Photo: Getty Images.

It would actually be easier to name the designers who did not put full-on nip on display at London Fashion Week. Um, Joseph? It was actually remarkable, even for fashion. So much so, that when Osman sent a topless model down the runway with blacked-out boobs, my seatmate leaned in and whispered, “Just put em out there honey — everyone else has.”

Growing pains at the new London Fashion Week venue. Photo: Getty Images.

This year marks the first year the British Fashion Council moved the shows from Somerset House to…a parking garage in Soho. Doesn’t exactly sound glamorous, but then neither does the collection of piers and photo studios New York increasingly shows its fashion week stuff. With a new venue inevitably comes growing pains — most notably, traffic. While the car park’s smack-in-the-middle-of-London location was undeniably convenient to get to, many grumbled about the “absolute chaos” and “mile-long tailback” (that’s traffic jam to us Amurricans) caused by cars pulling up to the shows on narrow city streets. Then again, they did give away free popcorn before every show, there were bathrooms (and clean ones, a true blessing), and when have fashion editors ever cared about being on time for a show?

People talked about the weather. Endlessly. Photo: Getty Images.

…And, when you’re stuck in a traffic jam a block from your destination, all but the prissiest show-goers got out and walked…only to complain about the downpour. Even though complaining about the rain in London is like complaining there’s a large bridge in New York City or rude people in France. It’s called atmosphere, people, soak it up.

JW Anderson double-bagged it on the runway. Photo: Getty Images.

The super-sized shoulder got some tongues wagging (and, we predict, the pre-orders streaming in), but behind the scenes, editors wondered about the double bags JW Anderson sent down his runway on Saturday. Were they a cool new take on the Zana Bayne-y leather harness? Or were they a shameless ploy to sell more bags? We say both!

Literally every editor wore Vetements jeans. (Photo: Rex USA)

Just when you think there aren’t that many people in the world who can afford $2,000 jeans, you go to London Fashion Week, where it sometimes seemed like every other editor was wearing the uber-trendy, Kanye-approved Parisian design collective Vetements’ jeans. In fact, the brand’s so beloved by the fashion set, there were even rumors the designers behind Vetements may soon be appointed head of a certain, currently designer-less French luxury house. We won’t say more than that…

The very salacious new biography about British Prime Minister David Cameron. Photo: Getty Images.

Nope, it’s got nothing to do with fashion, and maybe not a word of it is true. But for the last 24 hours, former cabinet member Lord Ashcroft’s shocking new biography about the Brit Prime Minister has been whispered about from front row to standing room, and mayyybe tastelessly joked about in the cars on the way to the shows. Let’s just say that you can find out everything you need to know at the hashtag #PigGate. Which is not safe for life in the UK or anywhere.

Models at Thomas Tait giving fashion editors side-eye. Photo: Getty Images.

“Wait a minute — are these models giving us side-eye?” one whispered. And it’s true — the models sashayed down the runway, casting sidelong glances at the crowd, and we’re pretty sure we caught a couple haughty once-overs. Or who knows, maybe it was the sad-eyed effect of the Penelope Tree makeup, which featured more lashes on bottom than on top.

Vivienne Westwood’s political runway show. Photo: Getty Images.

Never one to shy from a political statement, Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label show on Sunday played host to a protest of austerity, which penalizes the poor for the actions of the rich, and fracking, which makes our water flammable, for f*ck’s sake. Some over-everything types scoffed that Viv’s always trying to make a statement, but the general consensus was that this packed far more punch than the mealy-mouthed Chanel “feminist” protest.

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