The 10 Best Beauty Products at Whole Foods

If you’re not hitting up the Whole Body section of Whole Foods while you’re getting your Indian food on at the salad bar and stocking up on sprouts, you’re missing out. The good-for-you grocery shop boasts a bevy of phenomenal, and more importantly, effective natural beauty products for face, body, and nails. Plus, outdoor enthusiasts (and even indoorsy Netflix types!) will appreciate this: If you’re in the store, you can even snag $50 worth of beauty, health and nutrition goodies for just $12. Whole Foods’ Ready For Action Kit includes a Tom’s of Maine deodorant, Aubrey Organics aloe vera, Boiron Arnicare Gel, Amazing Grass Amazing Meal, Goddess Garden Organics SPF 30, Garden of Life raw chocolate cacao, Nuun Active electrolyte-enhanced drink tabs, and Spectrum Essentials Seeds Blends, plus coupons for some of these brands. Here, a roundup of must-haves to toss in your cart on your next trip.


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