TGI Fridays Launches Walmart-Exclusive Line That Brings the Restaurant to Your Table

Dinner (for one) is served.

<p>Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith/Janet Maples

Growing up, going out to dinner was a huge treat. If we were going out as a family, it meant I’d probably be able to share an appetizer or two and even get a soda alongside my meal—a rare occurrence. But for special events like New Year’s Eve, an even more rare and precious event occurred. Instead of taking us out to a restaurant, my mom would get the TGI Fridays-branded frozen appetizers.

Even as an adult, I’ll pick up one of the frozen goodies from time to time and stoke the nostalgic fire. Now, there’s even more reason to get excited. TGI Fridays is expanding its frozen-food line with a selection of single-serve meals.

What Are the New TGI Fridays Frozen Meals?

The new frozen entrées aren’t available at every supermarket and grocery store, though. Similar to a few other exclusive new products we’re excited about, for these items, you’ll have to head to Walmart. There are four entrées available, all inspired by the TGI Fridays restaurant menu. The prices for the entrées vary by location.

There are two items featuring the chain’s famous whiskey BBQ glaze. The Whiskey-Glazed Chicken and Mashed Potatoes feature flame-grilled, boneless-skinless chicken covered in the whiskey glaze alongside a serving of buttery mashed potatoes, and the Whiskey-Glazed Pulled Pork Mac & Cheese features slow-cooked pulled pork served over macaroni and cheese.

The other two items are chicken entrees: Spicy Cajun Style Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo (made with a Cajun-style sauce and chunks of all-white meat chicken atop fettuccine) and Spinach and Artichoke Sauce Chicken and Rice (made with chicken, a cheesy spinach and artichoke sauce, and long-grain rice).



Kathleen Schloth, senior vice president of brand licensing at TGI Fridays, said in a press release, “These new entrees bring restaurant quality and innovation to the frozen aisle, providing convenience and ‘That Fridays Feeling’ to enjoy at home.”

Another way to get that feeling at home? Make a homemade version of the brand’s classic whiskey sauce, or try one of Allrecipes' many copycat restaurant recipes (including one for TGI Fridays’ green bean fries).

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