Edit Pics Like an Influencer With This Photo-Editing App That's All Over Instagram

Haley Lyndes

First came Instagram filters, then came VSCO, and now there's another photo-editing app that's taken the IG world by storm, and it goes by the name of Tezza. Tezza is a preset and filter app created by influencer Tezza Barton and her husband, Cole Herrmann. It's named after Tezza for her IG influence (she currently has 1.3 million followers), so we're not even a bit surprised by how popular this app has become. A quick scroll through her IG feed will tell you why - she's cool as hell. From her travels to her bold fashion to the small snippets of music that she shares (yup, she's a musician, too!), Tezza's the whole creative package and more - and her photo-editing app really delivers.

Filled with simple editing tools, photo presets (blue baby is my personal favorite), and story templates that will guarantee your content gets Tezza's edgy vintage look, the Tezza app is beyond easy to use. Set up similarly to VSCO, all you need to do is upload your picture or video, pick your filter, and that's it. Of course, Tezza has other fun surprises built in such as vintage frames and fun glitter effects, but those are just added bonuses. Tezza and Cole are constantly keeping the app up to date, and because Tezza is an influencer, she's always listening to her followers for feedback. It's truly one of the easiest photo-editing apps to use if you want your photos to look professionally edited and beats buying presets from an influencer any day.

The main thing to note is that the free version of this app (available on IOS and Android) only has a select number of filters and editing tools available for use, but it may be worth a try if you're unsure! Otherwise, the app costs as low as $2 a month, $40 a year, or $4 a month with video included. I personally do the $4 a month option, but it's totally up to you! If you're interested in making your photos pop like all of your favorite influencers (including Tezza), have a look at the pictures edited with Tezza ahead.


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