Textures and Surfaces In Homes Everywhere Are About To Get Wetter

Design trends of 2024 reflect a dynamic shift toward ocean-inspired colors and glossy finishes—embracing the influence of water in both interiors and exteriors.

<p>Helen Norman</p>

Helen Norman

Scrolling on the internet this time of year, you're bound to come across a few 2024 trend reports: We know farmhouse is out, and brutalism is in; arches are out, and sensory gardens are in. We're well aware blues are dominating the 2024 Colors of the Year and that matte finishes are continuing their supremacy over shinier lacquers—but perhaps not for long.

Houzz predicted that, while matte finishes will likely stay a go-to for homes in 2024, wet-looking features and elements could be on the rise in interior design.

"Matte black and white continue their reign over colorful, shiny lacquers (though with water’s rise as an influence, wet-looking finishes may be in our futures)," the report, which includes 20 furniture trends to watch in the next year, reads.

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These preferences among homeowners and designers reflect a dynamic shift toward ocean-inspired colors and glossy touches, embracing the influence of water in both interiors and exteriors.

Coastal grandma style, Hamptonscore, and Nancy Meyers movies have already made an impact on interiors, and with "glazed donut skin" and even dirty hair taking over the beauty world, this shift isn't completely out of nowhere. One of the easiest ways to introduce the glossy, wet look into your space: paint textures.

<p>John Bessler Photography</p>

John Bessler Photography

Many of the 2024 Colors of the Year channel beachy blues, including Renew Blue by Valspar, Upward by Sherwin-Williams, Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore, and more. Water is also playing a growing role in exteriors. LivingEtc reported that “glazed exterior tiles,” like bright, shining blue tiles, are making a splash next year.

“Glazed exteriors are unexpected and joyful, breaking the norms of house refurbishments,” Melissa Beasley, director at Beasley Dickson Architects, told the outlet. “They satisfy the demand for decorative facades, providing an opportunity for a unique, crafted, and personalized exterior.”

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Also, since matte finishes have been popular, it's expected we may move on from them with a contrasting style as part of a classic counter-trend cycle. We saw this with minimalism and maximalism: While minimalism was a dominant trend in the early 2010s, the latter part of the decade saw a resurgence of an opposing look—a direct counter-trend to the clean and simple lines of minimalism.

While wet textures are yet to gain traction, get ahead of the curve by choosing a (blue) paint in a glossy finish the next time you feel like switching up your walls.

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