Your Bed Isn't Complete Without a Comfy Duvet Cover

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This article was updated in August 2022 to ensure our top picks reflected Lab testing, were in stock and showed accurate pricing. We added new picks from Parachute, Cuddledown, Cultiver, West Elm, Coyuchi, Slumber Cloud, The Company Store, L.L.Bean and Mildly.

The duvet cover just might be your bed’s unsung hero. After all, it’s the most visible item on your bed, and you’ll be sleeping under it for eight hours each night. It also protects your duvet insert (regardless of whether you prefer down or down-alternative) so you won’t have to wash it as often. Needless to say, a good duvet cover should look neat on your bed, feel comfortable and be easy to clean.

The Good Housekeeping Institute's Textiles Lab evaluates bedding for durability and performance features like fabric strength, wrinkle resistance and pilling resistance, along with shrinkage and appearance after laundering. We also have our panel of consumer testers rate the softness, temperature and overall feel of bedding. The picks below include duvet covers that have been tested in the Lab, are made of fabrics that were top performers in our bed sheet tests or are 2022 Best Bedding Award winners. Here are the best duvet covers to buy for your bed:

Keep reading to find out more about our favorite duvet covers and to learn about how we test duvet covers, along with helpful shopping tips.

Best Overall Duvet Cover

Brooklinen Luxe Duvet Cover

• Material: 100% long staple cotton
• Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen and King/California King
• Care: Machine washable

A top performer in our tests, this fabric proved to be strong and pill-resistant, it washed well with minimal shrinkage and consumer testers said the cotton sateen weave felt smooth. The downside was a wrinkled appearance right out of the dryer, but that's typical of 100% cotton weave fabrics. Brooklinen uses features like larger buttons and longer duvet ties to make it easier to attach to the duvet insert. On top of that, there’s a generous year-long return period so you can make sure you love it, and based off of our testing, consumer feedback and online reviews, we think that you will.

Best Value Duvet Cover

Mellanni Microfiber Duvet Cover Set

• Material: 100% polyester
• Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King
• Care: Machine washable

If you don’t mind sleeping with a synthetic fabric instead of cotton, this 100% polyester cover is less expensive than other picks and is shrink-resistant and buttery smooth. Although it sounds too good to be true, the cover comes with two shams and two pillowcases — all for less than $40. The brand's bed sheets are a favorite of our testers who loved the soft feel that they described as "luxurious" (though some actually said it was too soft). It also held up in our Lab tests with barely any pilling or shrinkage after laundering. Like most styles, the cover comes with ties to attach your duvet insert and buttons for closure.

Best Printed Duvet Cover

Mildly Cotton Duvet Cover Set

• Material: 100% Egyptian cotton
• Sizes: Twin, Queen and King
• Care: Machine washable

Mildy's duvet covers, a Good Housekeeping 2022 Best Bedding Awards winner, are comfortable and beautiful. With over a dozen prints to choose from, including floral, abstract and modern designs, there's a perfect pattern for any style preference. Plus, it comes with two matching printed shams and is less than $100 for all three pieces. Our bedding pros analyzed this pick in Lab and loved that it features a zippered closure rather than buttons because it saves time and fully conceals the duvet insert inside. One analyst was very impressed by the cover, sharing that the material felt "smooth" and the "colors were vibrant." However, the corner ties aren't very substantial and come untied easily, so be sure to double knot them to keep the duvet cover securely fastened to its insert.

Best Crisp Duvet Cover

L.L.Bean Percale Comforter Cover

• Material: 100% Pima cotton
• Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and King
• Care: Machine washable

This duvet cover features a percale weave made with Pima cotton that performed better than other percales in our Lab and consumer tests. Percale feels light and crisp, rather than silky smooth like sateen, and some people find it to be too rough. But this percale is made of a longer cotton fiber called Pima that has a softer, more comfortable feel that one tester compared to the luxurious feel of hotel sheets, and it's breathable. The cover performed well in our Lab evaluations for strength, wrinkle resistance, pilling and shrinkage. It's important to note that some reviewers said the duvet covers felt "too roomy" and seemed to be made with excess fabric that bunched and shifted around at night. If you don't want a solid colored cover, L.L.Bean offers the same style in prints and patterns.

Softest Duvet Cover

The Company Store Legends Hotel Supima Cotton Duvet Cover

• Material: 100% Supima cotton
• Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and King
• Care: Machine washable

This duvet cover is exceptionally soft, thanks to the smooth sateen weave and the Supima cotton fibers, which are longer and finer than standard staple cotton and higher quality overall. When compared side-by-side with other cotton fabrics, our testers gave this material higher scores for softness, describing it as "buttery soft" and "very luxurious." We were impressed by how shrink-resistant and strong the material was in Lab tests but did notice pilling during pilling resistance testing and some creases after washing, although the brand claims the material is "wrinkle-free." There are tons of fashionable colors to choose from, and you can buy the brand's sheets to match, which are one of our picks for softest sheets.

Best Cooling Duvet Cover

Slumber Cloud Essential Duvet Cover

• Material: Viscose and cotton blend
• Sizes: Twin XL, Queen and King
• Care: Machine washable

If you're prone to waking up in a hot sweat, Slumber Cloud's cooling bedding, including its duvet cover, is made with Outlast technology. Outlast is a cooling technology that stores and releases heat, helping you to maintain a comfortable body temperature throughout the night. Not only will the fabric help you to regulate your temperature, it was rated softer than other bedding by our testers in a blind comparison. Testers loved the feel of the cotton/viscose fabric, and many of them even said they personally wanted to switch to using it at home. The fabric did shrink noticeably in the wash, but it was strong and otherwise held up to our Lab’s durability testing.

Best Organic Duvet Cover

Coyuchi Organic Crinkled Percale Duvet Cover

• Material: 100% organic cotton
• Sizes: Twin, Full/Queen and King/California King
• Care: Machine washable

This duvet cover is made of GOTS certified organic cotton, which means the entire cotton production process is organic. Coyuchi uses the same fabric for its sheets, which have been tested in Lab and are one of our favorite sheet sets. The percale weave is lightweight and breathable and is great for someone who prefers a more relaxed look for bedding because the fabric has a crinkly texture. Our testers found the material to be crisp and luxurious yet soft. In Lab tests for pilling resistance with our abrasion tester, some pilling was noticeable, and the material did crease after being washed, but that's typical of relaxed fabrics. Plus, we barely noticed any shrinkage post-wash. Inner corner ties are easy to attach to a duvet insert, and even the buttons are natural, made of coconut shell.

Best Silky Duvet Cover

West Elm Silky Tencel Duvet Cover

Material: 100% Tencel lyocell
• Sizes:
Full/Queen and King/California King
• Care:
Machine washable

West Elm's silky duvet cover is made with Tencel, a sustainable fiber derived from chemically processed wood pulp. The material is silky smooth, moisture-wicking, lightweight and cool to the touch, so it's a great pick for hot sleepers. We evaluated the brand's sheets made of the same fabric in Lab and were impressed by how well it resisted pilling in our abrasion tests and how strong it proved to be. Testers noticed some wrinkling after the wash but loved how soft the material felt. Our panelists appreciated how cool the material felt throughout the night, and one tester who normally still feels hot when using "cooling" bedding was pleasantly surprised that this material actually kept her cool. You can purchase the duvet cover on its own or as a set with matching shams for a more cohesive look.

Best Linen Duvet Cover

Cultiver Linen Duvet Cover Set

• Material: 100% linen
• Sizes: Twin, Queen, King and California King
• Care: Machine washable

Cultiver puts the linen used for its duvet cover through a prewashing process that enhances its softness and improves texture for an ultra luxurious feel. Institute analysts were wowed by the cover, which held up well in Lab wash testing, showing barely any signs of shrinkage. One described the fabric as "smooth and cooling" and loved the "relaxed" look. Some reviewers found the fabric to be heavier than they expected, so if you've not tried linen bedding before and want to test it out before committing, you're able to request a fabric swatch from the brand first. The duvet cover set is designed with inner ties and button closure for easy attachment to a duvet insert or comforter. Plus, it comes complete with two shams, and you can choose from 18 colors to match the rest of your bedding.

Best Wrinkle Resistant Duvet Cover

Cuddledown Hotel Sateen Duvet Cover

• Material: 100% combed cotton
• Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and King
• Care: Machine washable

Those who dream of experiencing the luxurious feel of a hotel bed at home can make that wish come true with this duvet cover from Cuddledown. Our analysts love that the cover is made of sateen fabric, which is a smooth weave, and that the cotton fibers are long-staple fibers, which are higher quality than short staple cotton and feel softer. A wrinkle-resistant finish keeps the duvet cover looking crisp and creaseless, while still remaining soft. Reviewers say the duvet cover is a bit tight and can be difficult to slide over a duvet insert or comforter, but they love the "classy," fitted look. The cover is only available in white but features a double stitch trim that comes in eleven different colors, and there are hotel sheets to match.

Best Brushed Duvet Cover

Parachute Home Brushed Cotton Duvet Cover

• Material: 100% cotton
• Sizes: Full/Queen and King/California King
Care: Machine washable

Parachute Home's duvet cover is a classic percale cotton weave, but the fabric is brushed for a super cozy feel that the brand compares to "a lived-in T-shirt." Our testers agree that it's super soft, especially in comparison to a standard percale. In our Lab evaluations, the fuzzy material proved to be more durable than the flannel fabrics (another brushed material used for sheets) that we tested. Corner ties and button closure keep the duvet cover in place, and there are six muted colors available for you to choose from. The brand warns that it sleeps warmer than a traditional percale cover, so keep that in mind if you're a hot sleeper.

How we test the best duvet covers

At Good Housekeeping Institute, our Textiles Lab evaluates bedding of all kinds, including sheets, pillowcases and, of course, duvet covers. When duvet covers are analyzed in Lab, we use our standardized equipment to test the fabric for characteristics like strength, temperature regulation and abrasion resistance. We also consider washability and launder each duvet cover according to its care label instructions to analyze how well it resists shrinkage and to see if there are any notable changes in appearance. Outside of testing in Lab, we share duvet covers with consumer testers who try the covers out at home on their beds. They provide us with real user feedback, rating their thoughts on properties like overall comfort, temperature and appearance.

We haven't tested all of our duvet cover picks in Lab, so in addition to choosing based on Lab performance, we also choose covers from popular brands whose sheets we have tested instead. Many of our favorite duvet covers are made of material that has performed well in our sheets tests for pilling, strength, washability and comfort. Along with choosing duvet covers based on material, our experts choose duvet covers from popular brands with rave reviews from real online users.

What to look for when shopping for the best duvet covers

A duvet cover is meant to protect your duvet insert or comforter and should be able to withstand regular use while also remaining comfortable to sleep under. Here are some characteristics you can consider when shopping for your next duvet cover:

✔️ Fiber content: Fibers have unique properties that impact the performance of the final product. Typically, you should be able to find the fiber content in the product description online or on the product's fiber content label.
Cotton: Cotton is commonly used in bedding because it has a soft feel and it is breathable and durable. Longer staple cottons like Egyptian and Pima cottons are higher quality fibers that feel smoother to the touch and are more durable, but they come at a higher cost.
Polyester: Duvet covers made of polyester fibers are typically more affordable than those made with natural fibers and are also more wrinkle-resistant and durable. However, polyester is less breathable than cotton and can feel less comfortable.
Regenerated cellulose: Also known as rayon, lyocell or viscose, regenerated cellulose is a fiber made of wood pulp that undergoes chemical processing. It's smooth, cool and lightweight.
Linen: Linen is made of flax fibers and is crisp and airy with a relaxed, textured look. It's a popular pick for warmer months because it's breathable.

✔️ Fabric construction: You can skip out on a top sheet if you're using a duvet cover, so it's important to pick a fabric that you feel is cozy enough to sleep under all night long.
Percale: One common fabric weave is percale, which is tightly woven with a crisp feel, and it's breathable.
Sateen: Another popular option is sateen, a satin weave made of cotton for a smoother feel that our testers tend to love.
Brushed: A popular fabric finish, brushing raises fibers on the fabric's surface for a soft, fuzzy feel.
Microfiber material: A fabric made with synthetic microfibers tends to feel soft and buttery but may not be as breathable as other natural options.

✔️ Care instructions: Most duvet covers are machine washable, but there are some differences in washing. Some require more gentle care than others, like a delicate wash cycle or hang dry. Be sure to choose a duvet cover that's easy enough for you to maintain.

Why trust Good Housekeeping?

Lexie Sachs is the Executive Director of the Textiles, Paper & Apparel Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute. Lexie joined Good Housekeeping in 2013 and has extensively tested all types of bedding — including mattresses, sheets, pillows, comforters and more — using specialized lab equipment and with hundreds of testers.

Amanda Constantine joined the Good Housekeeping Institute in 2022 as a Home & Apparel Reviews Analyst and has tested bedding products, including sheets and duvet covers, in the Lab with standardized equipment. For this article, she worked with Textiles Lab director Lexie Sachs to choose duvet cover picks based on tester feedback and online reviews, along with picks that are made with the same material as our top-tested sheets.

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