Texas Kids' Soccer Game Gets Hilarious Twist When Playful Emus Join In

A father in Montgomery, Texas, captured a hilarious moment on his family farm when his son and his friend played soccer with a pair of emus.

John McIntosh shot the footage, which shows the youngsters messing around with a small ball when two emus on the farm decided to get involved.

As the boys pass the ball to one another, the emus can be seen chasing it, adding to the fun.

McIntosh explained that the blond male emu, Johnny, and the white female emu, June, were raised on his farm. His oldest son, Brayden – who can be seen in the footage wearing a camo shirt with his friend Hank – “helps care for them.”

McIntosh said the emus serve an important purpose of “protecting the other animals on the farm from predators and make great companions for the kids.” Credit: John McIntosh via Storyful

Video Transcript

- Joseph, Joseph. Oh! Joseph's about to kick it.

- We're gonna kick it, and we're going to [INAUDIBLE].

Hope we get rid of them.

JOHN MCINTOSH: Kick it to Hank.

- Oh!


JOHN MCINTOSH: Brady, kick it to Hank so y'all could-- y'all could pass it to each other.

- OK, kick it down on the beach. Whoa!

JOHN MCINTOSH: Howdy. Kick--


You got to go in there and kick it to Hank.

- Hey, Dad, Dad.


- We're right in the middle of something. We'll kick it to you on the next one.


JOHN MCINTOSH: Yeah, they do.

- Dad, that's my ball.

JOHN MCINTOSH: OK, well they'll-- they'll be done with it in just a second.

- Holy crap!

- I don't want to give my toys. Hey, dad.

JOHN MCINTOSH: Yeah, buddy?

- Can I also go in there?



- Watch out.

JOHN MCINTOSH: Hey, I let him in. He can play. He can play soccer. Just don't try kicking it when he's right on top of the ball.

- Ready? Now try to get it right as it turns.

JOHN MCINTOSH: Kick it to Hank and your brother.

- If the other crane hits it, you can go for it.


- Somebody kick it. Look out, Hank!


- You're OK. Brady, Brady, get him. Get him.


- Hey Dad, can you help us?

JOHN MCINTOSH: Not right this second.


- Whoa, he kicked it!


- Kick it to him! Right here, see it? Here.


- Let's do some soccer moves. Not in the pond-- don't throw it in the pond. No, throw it that way.