Texas is so hot right now, TikTokers are practically melting: ‘Send help!’

Texas is dealing with scorching heat right now. But at least the TikToks are hilarious.

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Last week temperatures were over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, rising to “dangerously hot” levels, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The heat is expected to continue this week, with temperatures reaching between 105 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit and a heat index up to 111 degrees in North Texas.

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Texans have taken to venting their frustrations about the hellish climate by making comedic TikToks.

Lauren Compton demonstrated what getting her mail was like. Her perfectly primped hair and makeup became drenched in sweat in seconds.

Meanwhile, @texassocial couldn’t touch a single metal part of his car without wincing and burning his hand.

TikToker Leslie Yvon could hardly stand the heat for more than a few seconds when she stepped out of her home. “Send help!” the caption read.

But others, like Lupita Martinez, didn’t have time for jokes and just vented. From the time it took Martinez to walk from her house to her car, the metal on her necklace and zipper got so hot it started to burn her.

The user @carbabeftw2.0 even changed her work schedule so she could work at night instead of in the daytime.

TikToker @thuggishbonnie had to get her dog some shoes because while the temperature was a cool 106 degrees Fahrenheit, the pavement was as hot as 120 degrees.

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