Teva Launches Nostalgic '90s Revive Collection

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Last month, Teva launched the ‘Where to Next?’ campaign in celebration of its 40th anniversary and the creation of the sport sandal category.

To celebrate this major milestone, the brand introduced its ‘Where to Next?’ campaign along with the unveiling of a four-part ‘Revive’ product series inspired by the ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s, and ‘10s.

The '80s collection was a total vibe with the reintroduction of the Original Sandal and Original Universal. Now, the '90s (my era) has finally arrived, and we could not be more excited.

The Teva Original Alp Revive.<p>TEVA</p>
The Teva Original Alp Revive.


The ‘90s Revive Collection marks the next chapter in the brand's journey through decades of adventure. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant spirit of the 1990s, the '90s Revive Collection features two unforgettable styles: Original Alp Revive ($60) and Hurricane XLT2 Revive ($75).

The Original Alp Revive (pictured above) is complete with nostalgic straps inspired by the ‘90s and remade for today. True to our river roots, you will find the same water-friendly straps and durable rubber outsole that made the Original a timeless adventure icon.

The Teva Hurricane XLT2 Revive.<p>TEVA</p>
The Teva Hurricane XLT2 Revive.


The Hurricane XLT2 Revive provides all the grippy goodness and comfy cushion of the do-it-all Hurricane XLT2 sport sandal. This recent reboot is a must-pack style for off-the-grid adventures. ​

Both of these shoes pay homage to the bold geometric shapes and throwback colors that defined the era while incorporating modern comfort and performance.

Now that the Teva ‘Where to Next?’ campaign is hitting its stride, there should be a perfect pair of sandals for everyone. Follow Men's Journal Sneakers for all the most important footwear news this spring and summer.

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