We Tested 18 Glass Food Storage Sets, So You Don’t Have To

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From budget to splurge, we’ve found the best glass food storage sets for everything from meal prep to stackability.

<p>EatingWell / Marcus Millan</p>

EatingWell / Marcus Millan

Does the food storage section in your kitchen pantry resemble a hodgepodge of take-out containers, empty glass jars, and no matching lids in sight? That used to be me, and let me tell you, it can get better. If you’re trying to bring more order to your kitchen (and life?) while strengthening your meal prep, kitchen storage and overall cooking game, investing in a uniform set of glass food storage can take your kitchen to the next level.

We ran the whole gamut when putting all of these different options to the test, from keeping foods crispy to the ultimate test: bringing soup leftovers to work (which resulted in soup in every nook and cranny of my work bag, in a few cases). Our Test Kitchen has previously reviewed all food storage sets—glass, plastic and silicone—but we wanted to do a deep dive into the best glass sets on the market. Beyond leftovers and bringing food to the office or a potluck, a matching glass food storage set has a plethora of benefits—my favorite being saving time and space.

With 18 glass storage sets tested, here are our top recommendations:

Our Recommendations

Best Overall: Pyrex Simply Store 18-Piece Glass Food Storage Container Set



What we like: These containers proved extremely leak-proof and kept produce incredibly fresh.

What to know: The lids are tricky to scrub, and these don’t stack as neatly as other options.

This set is it if you are looking for a moderately priced glass food storage set that nailed every test. The Pyrex Simply Store set passed the leak test with flying colors (not one drop escaped!), microwaved beautifully, and we were shocked by the sight of a bright green avocado after three days in the fridge. We were also pleasantly surprised by the seal these lids provide: Despite not being a locked design, the BPA-Free plastic lids are air-tight when closed. They stack incredibly well—a dream in a kitchen without excess real estate. While quite heavy-duty and durable, they’re surprisingly light, perfect for leftovers for lunch.

I haven’t previously used glass storage containers to freeze food. Still, after using this set in the freezer, I will absolutely be doing it again—especially considering its performance in previous tests.

We tested a similar set, the Pyrex Freshlock 10-Piece Airtight Glass Food Storage Container Set, and while we were impressed by the sturdiness and leak-proof design, we found the lids with the rubber seal a little tricky to scrub properly, and the stackability just didn’t line up. It was a solid contender, but the Simply Store was simply the best. All around, five stars for this set.

Price at time of publishing: $42

Pieces included: 18 | Microwave safe: Yes | Dishwasher safe: Yes | Freezer safe: Yes

<p>EatingWell / Ashley Schaubroeck</p>

EatingWell / Ashley Schaubroeck

Also Great: Amazon Basics 20-Piece Glass Locking Lids Food Storage Containers



What we like: This Amazon Basics set features very secure lids and a great assortment of shapes.

What to know: The lids don’t nest, so they were a bit unruly to store.

The Amazon Basics set hits many high notes for anyone looking to up their food storage game. The set offers a versatile range of shapes and sizes, so you're covered whether you're storing grilled chicken or using one of the containers as a mixing bowl for scrambled eggs. The thick and sturdy glass makes these containers feel like they'll stand the test of time. The lids, made from plastic and silicone, snap securely onto the containers with four tabs and have a silicone barrier to prevent leaks, thereby passing the leak and freshness tests with flying colors. They're dishwasher safe, so cleanup's a breeze, and unlike many plastic options, these containers resist staining, even from notorious culprits like tomato soup.

That said, they're not without drawbacks. The lids don't interlock or stack neatly, which might make your cabinet look like a jigsaw puzzle in disarray. Also, you can't nest containers of different sizes within each other, potentially eating up more storage space. They're weighty, which might not make them the best option for kids' school lunches, but great for adult meals on the go. The set's priced around $45, which is very reasonable considering the quality and range you get. Overall, it's a solid investment for your kitchen if you can overlook the lid issue.

Price at time of publishing: $44

Pieces included: 20 | Microwave safe: Yes | Dishwasher safe: Yes | Freezer safe: Yes

<p>EatingWell / Alyssa Kingham</p>

EatingWell / Alyssa Kingham

Best Lock Lids: Glasslock 18-Piece Assorted Glass Storage Container Set



What we like: The Glasslock containers stack beautifully, making them great for space-saving. 

What to know: The lids have tight crevices, which are tricky to clean.

This Glasslock set has earned its status as an editor favorite with Penelope Wall, EatingWell's digital content director, and it's easy to see why. Its lockable, gasket-lined lids and robust glass construction stand out for durability and leak-proof storage. These containers stack easily, allowing you to pile four to five on top of each other safely.

However, the set could benefit from a larger-sized container for bigger meals, as some users may find the existing sizes slightly limiting for substantial leftovers. Also, while the gaskets don't pop out—unlike some competing brands—they can be a bit tricky to clean, requiring a smaller brush to get into the tight creases. Priced at $50 for 18 pieces, we feel this set offers excellent value for the quality despite these minor setbacks.

Price at time of publishing: $50

Pieces included: 18 | Microwave safe: Yes | Dishwasher safe: Yes | Freezer safe: Yes

<p>EatingWell / Awa Dia</p>

EatingWell / Awa Dia

Best for Meal Prep and Families: Razab Extra Large Glass Food Storage Containers



What we like: These jumbo-sized containers are excellent for keeping or freezing large portions.

What to know: Their size means they can take up a lot of cupboard space.

The Razab containers take the crown for meal prep and serving families. These containers are perfect for batch cooking, whether freezing bolognese sauce for future meals or chilling potato salad for a picnic. Their sizes range from large enough to prep a whole salad or soup to a smaller container convenient for taking to work. The secure lids feature four flaps that snap around the rim, ensuring an impressive, leak-proof seal. While they're somewhat heavy and not the best pick for smaller portions or people with limited cabinet space, their sturdiness makes them ideal for freezing and microwaving. Plus, they're aesthetically pleasing enough to double as serving dishes. Their durable build suggests a long lifespan, alleviating concerns about the lids becoming less effective over time, a common issue with other sets. They're an excellent investment for families and avid meal preppers alike.

Price at time of publishing: $36

Pieces included: 6 | Microwave safe: Yes | Dishwasher safe: Yes | Freezer safe: Yes

<p>EatingWell / Frances Crouter</p>

EatingWell / Frances Crouter

Best for Potluck: Pyrex Easy Grab 2-Qt Glass Baking Dish with Lid



What we like: This dish does triple duty as a baking, serving and storage dish.

What to know: The lid lacks an airtight seal.

The Pyrex Easy Grab is a potluck game-changer. Its slim, elongated design makes it super stackable in the fridge and easy to store while offering ample cooking space. Crafted from durable glass, this dish is robust enough for baking everything from chicken to pasta and veggies. Its BPA-free plastic lid fits snugly, preventing leaks or spills during transport, which is handy when bringing your culinary masterpiece to a friend's house. The versatility is incredible—you can go from oven to table to fridge without skipping a beat. While this piece is dishwasher safe, we found a quick hand wash was all we needed to get into all the little crevices on the lid.

To put it through its paces, we tested this Pyrex against a 3-quart OXO and an Anchor baking dish, and the Pyrex came out on top. One caveat: there may be better options for loose-liquid dishes, as the lid may not provide an airtight seal for such recipes. Otherwise, its quality, convenience, and durability make it worth every penny.

Price at time of publishing: $20

Pieces included: 2 | Microwave safe: Yes | Dishwasher safe: Yes | Freezer safe: Yes

<p>EatingWell / Brittany Irvine</p>

EatingWell / Brittany Irvine

Best Budget: OXO Good Grips Smart Seal 12-Piece Glass Container Set



What we like: This set is very durable and provides strong stackability.

What to know: The lids can be challenging to close but provide a strong seal once they do.

The OXO Good Grips set is ideal for storing smaller items like leftover sauces, half a lemon or a couple of chili peppers. Its design maximizes fridge space, although the lids don't stack as well in drawers. While they may be a bit challenging to close initially, the lids create an impressively tight seal—you can safely take leftovers to work without worrying about leaks.

Made of durable borosilicate glass with sturdy plastic lids, these containers are built to last. With four out of six containers designed for small portions, this set is best suited for singles or smaller households that don't require extensive storage options. But their performance is rock solid: they're easy to clean in the dishwasher and they maintain freshness effectively, albeit with minor condensation.

Price at time of publishing: $33

Pieces included: 12 | Microwave safe: Yes | Dishwasher safe: Yes | Freezer safe: Yes

<p>EatingWell / Katherine Gallagher</p>

EatingWell / Katherine Gallagher

Best Splurge: Caraway Food Storage Container Set



What we like: This Caraway set is easy on the eyes and even easier to clean.

What to know: The containers are not completely leak-proof.

If you want to splurge on top-notch food storage, this Caraway set is for you. Crafted from ultra-smooth, coated ceramic, these containers are versatile and hold a generous amount of food, perfect for storing everything from chopped veggies to dry goods like flour. The set comes with countertop organizers, allowing you to easily access each container without disturbing the whole stack—a godsend for any organized kitchen. They're safe for baking (though the rounded edges could be tricky to grip), and the ceramic makes them a breeze to clean. However, these heavy containers make them best suited for home use or road trips rather than daily commuting.

A note of caution: while they performed well under normal conditions, they did leak under stress testing. Despite this, the containers kept perishables like mushrooms exceptionally fresh for days. Given their luxury price tag, this set is ideal for serious home cooks with various storage needs.

Price at time of publishing: $245

Pieces included: 14 | Microwave safe: Yes | Dishwasher safe: Yes | Freezer safe: Yes

<p>EatingWell / Kelsey Chapman</p>

EatingWell / Kelsey Chapman

The Bottom Line: The Best Glass Food Storage Set

For its ability to keep food fresh for days thanks to an airtight seal, as well as its ability to thwart leaks and stack like a dream, the Pyrex Simply Store set (view at Amazon) is our best overall pick. Amazon Basics makes a set (view at Amazon) that proved to be a strong runner-up during our testing, all at a very reasonable price.

Choosing a Glass Food Storage Set

Investing in a quality glass food storage set is a game-changer for your kitchen routine, whether you're a meal-prep aficionado or simply tired of playing Tetris with mismatched containers in your fridge. The right set helps you organize and preserve your food better and can make your daily life significantly easier. Glass containers also offer an eco-friendly and durable alternative to plastic.

But before you dive into the world of glass storage containers, there are several factors to consider—like size and shape, design features, what's included in the set, and overall value for the money. It's not just about picking the set with the prettiest lids or the most pieces; it's about finding a set that adds convenience and functionality, rather than clutter, to your kitchen.

Size and Shape

When it comes to glass food storage, size and shape are more than just a matter of aesthetics; they're about practicality. Think about what you'll be storing most often. Leftover pasta? Meal-prepped veggies? You'll want a range of sizes to cover all the bases. As for shape, square or rectangular containers maximize space in your fridge, while round containers are easier to clean and ideal for liquid contents.


Let's talk design elements: weight, lid style, type of glass and whether they're dishwasher/microwave/freezer safe. Weight matters when you're schlepping containers to work or stacking them high in the fridge. Opt for borosilicate glass if you'll be subjecting them to temperature extremes. Lid style is also crucial. Snap-on lids offer a better seal but might be trickier to clean. Lastly, ensure they're dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup and microwave- and freezer-safe for versatility.

What's In the Set

Most glass food storage sets come with multiple containers of varying sizes and shapes, often with color-coded or matching lids. While variety is great, focus on what you'll actually use. A 24-piece set might sound like a steal, but it's a waste if half of it collects dust, and you’re constantly washing the same one to use for lunch every day. Also, most set counts include the number of containers and lids. So, for example, a 24-piece set is most likely 12 storage containers plus 12 lids. Some sets also include nifty extras like vented lids or dividers, so consider what bells and whistles resonate with your storage needs. Remember: Sometimes, less is more.


Value isn't just about price; it's about what you get for your money. Sure, you can find cheap sets, but they might not hold up over time or offer the features you need. Plus, leftover soup in your work bag can make for a costly spill. Pricier sets usually have perks like longer-lasting materials and more advanced design features. It's all about finding that sweet spot between quality and cost.

Our Glass Food Storage Container Tests

In order to find the best glass food storage containers, we put each set through a series of rigorous tests, including:

Each container was filled to capacity with water and vigorously shaken. We then identified how much water leaked out, if any.

To help determine how airtight these containers were, we placed half of a peeled, pitted avocado in each and left it in the fridge for three days. At the end of that time, we observed how much browning was present on each fruit.

Ease of Use:
We used each of these containers under real-world conditions to see how they’d stack up (literally!) with daily use. We wanted to see lids we didn’t have to grapple with, containers that would nest and store neatly and containers that could withstand ovens, microwaves and freezers with equal ease.

Ease of Cleaning:
Finally, we observed how easy these containers (and their lids) were to clean. If handwashing was required, we wanted to see how easy it would be to reach all the nooks and crannies. We also observed how well these withstood the dishwasher, if possible.

We Also Considered

Rubbermaid Brilliance Glass Set of 9 Food Containers with Lids ($80 at Amazon): This set generally performs well in terms of durability and keeping food fresh. The containers are versatile and suitable for microwaving, freezing and even baking. However, they aren't the perfect storage solution for everyone. The glass is heavier and can be cumbersome for those with limited grip strength or mobility. Plus, they're less nestable than their plastic counterparts, posing a challenge for those with limited storage space. The set's quality mostly justifies its price. Still, the inability of same-sized containers to nest neatly is a definite drawback, and we felt there were comparable sets that did the job better. 

BAYCO Glass Food Storage Container Set, 24-Piece ($40 at Amazon): While the Bayco set offers some solid features, like its microwave and oven versatility and lightweight glass construction, it ultimately fell short in a few key areas. Most notably, the set isn't leak-proof—quite a disappointment when transporting soups or other liquids. It also didn't fare well with fresh foods, struggling to keep avocados and cut strawberries at their peak freshness. Although it has its merits, especially regarding reheating leftovers, these shortcomings make it difficult to give it a wholehearted endorsement.

M MCIRCO Glass Meal Prep Containers, 5 Pack ($38 at Amazon): The M MCIRCO containers offer a solid choice for those looking to portion out meals or store smaller food items. These containers keep food fresh and leak-free and are made with high-quality borosilicate glass and sturdy, easy-to-snap plastic lids. The built-in dividers are great for meal prepping but can limit the containers' versatility. Stackability is a plus, although the lids lack a lip, meaning you probably shouldn't pile them too high. While they ace the leak test and are easy to clean, they're not ideal for those short on cabinet space or looking to store large quantities of food. They're good, but given the lack of size variety in the set, they ultimately weren't the winner for all-around use.

Common Questions

Which is better for you: glass or plastic food storage containers?

When it comes to food storage containers, the debate often boils down to glass versus plastic. Both have their merits, but if you're prioritizing health and sustainability, glass containers usually come out on top.

Glass is non-porous, meaning it won't absorb colors, flavors, or odors from food. These attributes are ideal for maintaining food quality over time. It's also easier to clean and is generally dishwasher-safe, unlike some plastic containers that can warp or crack. Glass is free from harmful chemicals like BPA, which can leach into food from plastic containers, especially when microwaved. Additionally, glass containers often have a longer lifespan, reducing waste.

However, plastic containers are lighter and shatter-resistant, making them more convenient for on-the-go or outdoor activities. High-quality BPA-free plastic containers are now available, although they may not be as durable or long-lasting as glass.

If you want something durable, eco-friendly, and health-conscious, glass is the better option. But if you need something lightweight and portable, plastic may be more appropriate.

Which glass is best for storing food?

When it comes to glass food storage, tempered glass is the gold standard. This type of glass undergoes a heating and cooling process that strengthens it, making it more durable and resistant to thermal shock. That means you can take a tempered glass container from the freezer to the microwave without worrying about cracking.

Tempered glass is also less likely to break upon impact than regular glass. If it does break, it shatters into small, granular chunks instead of sharp shards, reducing the risk of injury. This robustness makes tempered glass containers ideal for everyday use and various applications, like meal prep, freezing leftovers, or cooking in the oven. It's essential to note that tempered glass can still break or chip, especially when dropped or exposed to extreme temperature changes. Always handle with care and check for any signs of damage before use.

Overall, if you're in the market for glass food storage, containers made from tempered glass offer a blend of safety, durability, and versatility that's hard to beat.

How long does a glass food storage container set last?

Glass food storage containers generally have a longer lifespan than their plastic counterparts. High-quality glass, especially tempered glass, can last years if handled correctly. They're resistant to odors, stains, and flavors, making them highly reusable. Plus, unlike plastic, glass is less susceptible to warping over time from microwaving or dishwasher cleaning.

Conversely, plastic containers can degrade over time, especially when exposed to extreme temperatures or acidic foods. They may discolor, retain odors, or even leach chemicals into food as they break down. While some high-quality plastic containers are designed for longevity, they typically don't last as long as glass.

That said, the longevity of glass containers can be compromised by chipping or cracking. Any signs of damage should be a cue to retire the container, as it becomes susceptible to breakage.

So, while you might pay more upfront for a glass set, you'll likely save in the long run because you won't have to replace them as often.

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