Tess Holliday hits back at troll for asking if she can 'fit in a car'

Tess Holliday hit back at an online troll in a new video. (Images via Getty Images)
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Tess Holliday is fighting fire with fire when it comes to online trolls.

On Sunday, the 36-year-old plus-size model shared a video to Instagram addressing a rude comment from a follower.

"How do you fit in a car?" the commenter wrote.

Instead of letting the comment get to her, Holliday was praised for taking down her bully with sarcasm.

"Who even drives cars? Ew," she captioned the video for her more than 2.3 million followers.

"This is actually such a good question," Holliday said in the clip. "I actually don't fit into cars. People come and they carry me. I get carried everywhere like a giant, beautiful baby. Wah."

Holliday's hilarious comeback was met with praise from fans.

"You retaliated in the funniest way possible," one follower wrote. "It's the 'wah' for me. People really ask the dumbest questions on here. So embarrassing."

"'Wah' took me out," another commented.

"Goddesses just teleport," one person said.

"Great way to handle ignorant, disrespectful, insensitive bullies," added another.

"Your responses kill me. I love them. Best effing way to respond to these trolls ever [sic]," another said. "Like a big beautiful baby, wah. I'm done!"

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Despite using humour to hit back at her online critics, one fan expressed their concern for the hate the model receives online.

"Honestly, I don’t know how you deal with this constant abuse," someone asked Holliday. "I know they’re random strangers but at some point, it surely must get to you? You keep doing you and stay strong."

Tess Holiday uses humour to take down her critics.
Tess Holliday is using humour to take down her critics. (Image via Getty Images)

Earlier this month, the body-positivity advocate got candid with fans about a recent "lightbulb" moment she had when it comes to living with an eating disorder.

She shared a trigger warning with her followers about the highly sensitive topic before revealing that she has felt as though she doesn't "deserve" to feed her body and was "taught to restrict food to not be 'fat.'"

Holliday, who was diagnosed with anorexia last year, explained that she receives daily messages from people who resonate with her struggle with disordered eating despite also receiving "ridicule" from trolls online.

"Everyone in my life has always said, 'Are you sure you want to eat that?' [or] 'Don't eat that'— it's just constant," she said. "From the moment that I was plus-size which was [when I was] 11. So I think it's pretty f—-ing cool that I'm starting to try and feed my body and not be hard on myself. People are still going to call me fat and judge me, but whatever, man. My life's great."

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