Tesla will offer a bird's eye parking view, if you pay a premium

Jon Fingas
·Associate Editor
·1 min read

It should soon be easier to manually park your Tesla — if you’re willing to pay for the privilege. Elon Musk has revealed (via Electrek) that a “vector-space” bird’s eye parking view is coming, but you’ll need to buy the Full Self-Driving package. That’s an $8,000 upgrade if you buy FSD with a new car, and more than a little prohibitive if you aren’t keen on the bundle’s other features.

It’s unclear exactly how the bird’s eye view will behave, although it will clearly rely on the cameras present on many Teslas to generate a simulated look at your parking space. Musk didn’t say when the feature might be ready.

This isn’t a completely new concept. Porsche models like the Taycan have a rough equivalent to this all-encompassing look, as do more mainstream brands like Toyota. This could help Tesla compete on perks, however, at least for money-is-no-object buyers worried they might dent their vehicular pride and joy.